Parenting Tips

Is Your Child Overscheduled?

Is your child overscheduled and on overload? What is the negative impact on your children when you schedule too many activities? How can a parent balance their child’s schedule?

Summer Fun Includes Good Supervision and Safety Awareness

Summer fun includes good supervision and safety awareness. Parents can prevent some injury-related accidents
by just being on top of things. Watch the kids. Don’t delegate this responsibility to someone not capable of watching your children and knowing the safety rules.

Happiness Linked to Dirt?

Dirt or soil has been linked to happiness. The bacteria found in dirt raises the serotonin neurons of the human brain. Research on mice exposed to certain bacteria from soil showed increased levels of serotonin. Researchers are studying the properties of this bacteria and its relationship to the human brain.

Jet-Set Grannies

Flying grannies are special. They overcome great challenges to see their grandchildren. Here are some tips in finding senior discounts for our flying grannies.

Are You Cutting Years Off Your Child’s Lifespan?

A healthy lifestyle equates to longer life expectancy for you and your family. Read two factors that the centenarians do in their lives to reach their ripe old age. See how these factors may affect your children.

Don’t Be Hoodwinked by the Kids

Our kids are not getting enough sleep. Some of them are even falling asleep in school. Here are some reasons why sleep deprivation is so critical.

Have You Lost This Lately?

In any relationship it’s important to compromise in order to get along. However, when is too much too much? Can a person compromise so much that they begin to lose themselves? Yes.

Beware of Reaching for the Golden Nugget

Research indicates that higher income levels do not necessarily equate with “happiness.” Those with less income levels find more happiness in the little things in life.

Everybody Has a Story

Everybody has a story. The homeless are valuable people with real stories. Despite their many challenges, they can truly lift your spirit.

Are You a Good Listener?

Resolve in your life to be a better listener. It will enhance all of your relationships. Being a good listener will also help you develop new relationships.

Smile Away Your Stress

Smiling helps reduce your levels of stress. It may even give you a competitive edge. Start smiling today.