3 Fun Games to Help Children Spell Their Names

Spelling names is easy with these parenting tips and fun games! Check them out & help your kids get their monikers right!

While your kids will learn most of their basic spelling skills in kindergarten, they should at least know how to spell their names before they start school. Teaching children how to spell their name doesn’t have to be a frustrating or tedious task. In fact, there are many fun ways to get the job done, without it seeming like work at all. Read on for a few fun games and activities that will make it easy and entertaining for your tot. Honestly, it’s probably easier than you imagine. Better yet, you may even have some of these supplies already on hand.

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Games & Activities to Help Kids Spell Their Names

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Clothespin Dinosaurs

Not only does this activity help with spelling, it also aids in the improvement of fine motor skills. Locate or create the fun dinosaur shape of your choice. In this case, the more basic the picture the better. Whether you print out the dinosaur or draw one yourself, using card stock as the medium is highly recommended.

Write your child’s name across the top of the dinosaur. In addition, print one letter of the name on an individual clothespin. For example, for the name John, you need four clothespins. One for the “J,” one for the “o” and so on. Instruct your child to clip each clothespin on the corresponding letter printed the dinosaur. Here’s a hint! If your child isn’t especially into all things prehistoric, almost any other shape will do.

Letter Stamps


Letter stamps are available at almost any craft or scrapbook store. Ink, to use with the stamps, can also be purchased there in a variety of fun colors. Simply write out your child’s name on an index card, allowing them to use it is a reference.  Give them paper and let them stamp away!

Take the activity one step further by providing kids with things like stickers, small foam shapes and charms to add more decoration to the paper.

Name Puzzles

Name puzzles are extremely easy-peasy! The only supplies needed for this activity are colored construction paper or poster board, markers in several different colors and scissors. Do you see where we’re going with this?

Print out your child’s name and then cut it apart with scissors. Don’t use straight lines, when you cut. Zigzag and curvy cuts make the fun much more puzzle-y.

There are so many more things you can do to help your children spell their names. It’s important to remember to let them take their time mastering it. Some kids take longer to learn than others. You definitely don’t want to rush them. Be patient, and they’ll likely be spelling their names before you know it!

Did you come up with any fun games to help your kids learn to spell their names? Share in the comments!

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  1. These are some really great ideas
    Letter stamps were how my baby sister learnt to spell her name, so I can totally attest to that one 🙂

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