Spring Cleaning is fun for the entire family!

spring cleaning

Spring: It is that time of year when we open up the windows and doors and let the fresh air in. We want to air out the staleness of winter. For busy moms it often is hard to find time to do those spring cleaning tasks while still spending time with your family. If you get them to pitch in and help, you might find it can be fun for all.

Kids can help with your spring cleaning

Little ones might seem too young to help with spring cleaning, but they aren’t. They can be quite effective at cleaning the low places like baseboards and lower cupboard doors. Put on some fun music to sing along to. A rag and a small spray bottle of water will suit them just fine. You might also try putting picture labels on the storage tubs in their room. They are can sort the cars into the right bucket if they see a picture of a car on it. While you are in there, be sure to get rid of any broken toys. Maybe you can even choose some old stuffed animals to repurpose.

• Your early grade school children can be great with tasks that require repetition. Have them sort laundry into baskets. Have them return things that are laying around the house to their rightful homes. You might want to reward their extra effort with a penny a piece of clothing or a dime per piece of stuff returned home. They will have fun counting all the money they are earning. Afterward you can go on a trip together to the dollar store to spend their earnings.

Upper grade school children are old enough to understand that cleaning up after themselves is part of living responsibly. You might give them a small notebook to write ‘tickets’ to family members who forget to clean up after themselves. You might also give them a tub to collect things that were left behind. You can work out a way to get your left behind things out of jail. They are also old enough to have routine chores. They might not do them as well as you, but they are learning.

Tweens and teens are old enough to help with big spring cleaning tasks but often need more motivation. They could help you clean out the garage, move furniture, or wash the salt off the vehicles. The promise of pizza and maybe a movie rental of their choice may motivate them. I often get free movie rental codes when I go grocery shop so I save them for the teens in my life.  Don’t forget to have them go through their things and weed out the things they no longer love. If a yard sale is in your future, they are capable of running of it while you take a break.

With these spring cleaning tips you will have your housework done in no time. You will feel better and your children will have learned some responsibility.

18 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning is fun for the entire family!”

  1. Love these ideas. My 2 1/2 year old gets very excited about ‘helping’ her daddy wash the dishes. She also likes helping move the laundry from the washer to the dryer. After she saw me cleaning the bathtubs one day, she told me she was cleaning her baby’s bathtub. Now if I could only get her to stop pulling all the books off the bookshelves! lol

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    1. That’s so cute!! If you can find a way to stop her, please let me know!! I might use your tip for your 3 year old. Thank you for stumbling. I stumbled back

    1. But at least she is helping and learning. They do get better over time. Try not to get upset over what they are doing wrong, but rejoice in what they are doing right.

  2. My cousin always used to have her kids sweep under the table after dinner. I said to her in horror, “Well they couldn’t do that great of a job”. She said, “Hey, they are doing it, sometimes I make them redo it, and it will get done again tomorrow”. I immediately started to implement that philosophy in my house–It may not be done to my standards, but at least it is getting done!

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    1. I use this philosophy too. It’s not as clean as I wish but at least they know that they have to clean and help mommy.
      Thank you for stumbling!! I stumbled your post. Gorgeous as always

  3. Luckily, my 7 year old son usually likes to help with housework. unless I nag him too much then suddenly he doesn’t want to help. lol He loves vaccuuming and steam cleaning the floors and anything that involves wipes. Let’s see how long this lasts. lol

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