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Get back on your feet and back to fitness after downtime with these easy tips for getting motivated, plus see how Champion GEAR can help you keep your cool!

Back to Fitness: Tips for (Literally) Getting on Your Feet After Downtime #ChampionGEAR

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Sports Authority for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. Today we’re going to talk about getting back into a fitness routine after downtime. Maybe that downtime came during a particularly rough pregnancy. Perhaps you suffered an injury. Maybe you just lost your mojo and …

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Michael Schumacher

Doctors Aren’t Giving up on Michael Schumacher & I’m Not Giving Up Skiing

Rumors were flying around the internet this week about doctors giving up on trying to bring Michael Schumacher out of his coma. The 45-year-old  F1 Racing legend suffered a terrible life-threatening accident while skiing with his son in France about two months ago. Michael Schumacher hit his head on a boulder when he lost control after running …

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High Octane Fun

Are you tired of the same familiar family days out? Bored of mediocre woodland walks or unremarkable bike rides? We take a look at a range of inspiring adrenaline-fuelled activities that all ages can enjoy guaranteed to get pulses racing and promising an unforgettable adventure for parents kids and teens alike. Make Tracks Discover the …

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A Dancing Family Is Happy and Healthier

Is your family a dancing family. If not, start today. There are many routines and programs that will benefit all ages in the family. Dance and dance/exercise are great ways for the family to enjoy each other’s company while getting the benefits of a workout.

Teach Your Kids How to Fish

Nothing beats a day on the water, floating amongst the gentle fish and other lake-dwelling creatures. What could make this day better is including your child in with your fun. But don’t bring the youngster out so quickly; there are steps that should be taken to teach your child about the joys of fishing. – Patience:First …

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How to Have a Fun Camping Weekend

Most family activities are scattered across the board. The children are involved in different sports and school activities. But there is one activity that can draw everyone together, and that is the family camping trip. Your children may resist the idea of a family camping trip, but you can win them over by involving them in …

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Splish Splash Summer Water Fun

What is your favorite way to keep cool? Mine has always involved water. It is also a great way to involve the whole family in some outside fun. Water Silhouettes– have one person stand against your garage or privacy fence. With the sprayer set on mist, outline their body. When they step away their silhouette will remain. …

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