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Looking for the coolest bicycle accessories for kids? Check these out! Have you pulled the bikes out of the garage yet this summer? With the beautiful warm weather comes bike rides, and each summer children look forward to… getting a new bike… even if they don’t need one. It drives me crazy when my child starts complaining about their perfectly good bicycle. If it still looks great and fits – no new bike! Am I correct?

Coolest Bicycle Accessories for Kids

One way to get your child over the itch for a new bicycle is to update and perform a makeover of the one they have with cool bicycle accessories for kids!  For the daughters, those cute steamers coming out of the sides of each handlebar never last. It’s sad because they are really cute. Did you know you can replace them? It’s true! You can replace them with a similar color set OR you can go really crazy and replace them with streamers that light up! They are so amazing that even my teenager wants a set. I love them because they are an added safety feature for late evening and nighttime bike rides.

Boys will love almost anything new you decide to do with their bicycle, but my son is most excited about the Wheel Writer (pictured below). As you ride your bike, pictures will appear within the spokes of the tire – nifty stuff. Another cool feature, your speed limit will also appear. Boys LOVE to know just how fast they are going – great way to boost their ego and encourage them to push those pedals a little harder.

Sky Rocket Fuze Wheel Writer


Pictures Appear in Your Bike Wheel As You Pedal 12 Built-In Images, Including a Real Working Speedometer.

Bern Watts Summer EPS Helmet


The Watts is highly imitated by other brands so be sure you have the original! With the molded visor styling it functions as well as it looks which is what BERN is all about. This lid will save your life while keeping your style in full effect.

Handlebeams Light up Bike Handle Streamers


These light up handlebar streamers will please any evening bike riders, kids and adults alike. They are perfect for light parades, festivals, camping, and more! Handlebeam lights fit into nearly all bike handlebar grips with holes on the ends. Adapters are included if necessary to replace handlebar endcaps without holes. Two small barbs on the post keep the Handlebeams from falling out, but they can be easily pulled out when not in use.

Red and Blue Police Sound bike Light


Pleasure for the child of any age! Kids can Pretend to be heros on their bicycles. Just turn on the lights and sounds and run to be a hero….Attaches easily to any bicycle. on and off switch ito turn power on or off.

Diamond Shape Rechargeable Rear Bicycle Light


8 high quality LED with 3 mode : slow flash, quick flash, normally on. The battery lasts up to 6 hours of continuous use after being charged fully.

Dolly Come Ride with Me Seat


Finally! A girl doesn’t have to leave her doll at home when she goes for a cool bike ride in the neighborhood. Now, beloved dolls and stuffed animal toys can travel along for the ride. A mom with a daughter of her own, has invented a safe and fun way for dolly to ride with you. A bicycle seat designed just for dolls or favorite stuffed animals. Detachable, so that as you grow, your dolly can go!

Schwinn Girl’s Pad Set with Knee Elbow and Gloves


Keeps little riders safer and in style while learning to ride with the Schwinn pad set.

Turbospoke the Bicycle Exhaust System


Vrooom! Turn your bicycle into a mean machine with Turbospoke, the Bicycle Exhaust System. Remember putting baseball cards into the spokes of your bicycle to create motorcycle sounds? Turbospoke takes it to the next level. Use one of the three Motocards to get the unique motorcycle sound you want. The cards are durable and waterproof for long-lasting, hard-charging fun. The specially designed Turbospoke Exhaust pipe amplifies the sound creating a motorcycle growl that people will notice.

Schwinn Girl’s Bicycle Basket



Your daughter will love bringing her favorite toys along for the right or picking up new treasures along the way with the Schwinn Girl’s Basket.

Mirrycle Incredibell Jellibell Bicycle Bell


Five great translucent colors that let the insides of the bell be seen. The Incredibell JelliBell is even rainproof. Fun!

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What do you think of these cute bicycle accessories for kids? Which is your favorite?

18 thoughts on “Absolute Coolest Bicycle Accessories for Kids”

  1. Angelic Sinova

    These are such cute bike accessories for kids! I’m 23 and I STILL rock a basket on my bike (it’s great for carry bags when I bike to the store!) <3

  2. Fi Ní Neachtáin

    My little guy only has a balance bike at the moment as he’s only two but I can’t wait for him to have his own proper bike. Those accessories are all so lovely. I used to have a basket on the front of my bike and a doll carrier too :)

  3. My son would love the police lights and turbo boost thing. I think the doll carrier for the bike is just so cute too!

  4. Wow, when did bicycles get so fancy? I love the safety that lights and a good helmet give the kids! Now I want to know why my parents never made sure I had a helmet…

  5. Helmets and lights on bicycles are so important. Even adults should have them so that when a car comes alone–we see the person riding.

  6. I really like some of these myself — and I’m not a kid. lol Seriously, the lit handlebar streamers is something my bike friends would love. I’m going to check them out.

  7. Love the sky rocket wheel! Really cool! I know a boy who would flip out over it. Will have to tell his parents.

  8. These accessories are both cute and functional. I love the light up handle bars because they are fun but also have a great safety feature.

  9. These are awesome accessories. My daughter is new to riding, but when she has practiced for a while, I might get her one of these.

  10. That sky rocket wheel is crazy cool! My youngest just learned to ride without his training wheels and he wants his bike all decked out. So far all we’ve added is a horn but i now have some really great ideas!

  11. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    Those are all super cool. I bet any little girl would love that seat to bring their dolly along.

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