Splish Splash Summer Water Fun


What is your favorite way to keep cool? Mine has always involved water. It is also a great way to involve the whole family in some outside fun. Water Silhouettes– have one person stand against your garage or privacy fence. With the sprayer set on mist, outline their body. When they step away their silhouette will remain. Maybe you can try to make monster shapes or a picture where the whole family is holding hands.

Blind Man’s Water Tag – The player that is it, is blindfolded and given the water hose. Like the pool game we used to play, when it says ‘Marco’ all the other players say ‘Polo’. Then it tries to tag the players by shooting them with the water hose. Once you have been tagged you remain in place until the last person is tagged.

Water Limbo – Set the hose on stream. Turn some island music on and let’s play. Most of you know how to play the game; the water is just more fun when you hit it rather than the traditional stick. How low can you go??

Amazing Water Play – Children might enjoy making a waterfall race with assorted butter tubs, pvc pipe, and whatever else they can find. You tell them where start is… and where finish is. They use their imagination to get their little boat from one area to the other. When everyone thinks they have it designed and assembled, have a race. Use a watering can to start the race for each player. The first one to the end wins the speed contest. There should also be winners of creativity, sinkers, and other categories. Everyone should be a winner!

Water Guns – Nothing is wrong with a good old fashioned water fight. To make it fair, I usually give the biggest water gun to the smallest player and then mom and dad end up with little pistols. If you have a problem with children having play guns then you can substitute water spray bottles.

Water Volleyball – This is a variation on the traditional water balloon game. With volleyball net between two pair of players, you volley the balloon back and forth until it breaks. Each pair of players has a beach towel between them that they use to catch and return the balloon.

I hope that everyone is staying cool this summer. We have already hit 100*+F here and it is looking to be a scorcher.

What are your favorite ways to cool off?

About the author

I am Janelle. I am currently a SAHM of my two daughters, ages 12 and 16. I also have a step son, age 17. My step daughter is 20 and is away at college but still comes home to raid our refrigerator on occasion. I have a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and also am currently studying for my cosmetology license. I believe that the most important thing any mother or father can do is be active in their child(ren)’s life.




4 thoughts on “Splish Splash Summer Water Fun”

  1. Janelle Pooler

    Playing in the water was always a blast for my girls and my daycare kiddos. Secretly I still love to wash the car at home so I can play in the water again.

    1. Janelle Pooler

      We have two free water sprinkler parks here in town…. and I overheard my 16 year old ask her 12 year old sister if she wanted to go to one of them the other day!

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