Indoor Activities: What to Do When You Can’t Head Outdoors


When it gets too cold. too hot, or too rainy, a family outdoor activity is just not a consideration. It’s time to think about indoor activities…but what activity to pick? It can easily get complicated especially if the age difference between your kids is substantial. You may want to pick places with indoor activities using the following criteria, depending on your family.

Indoor Activites: Things to look for

  • Suitable and fun for all age groups in your family – toddlers, youth, adults
  • Suitable for large groups if you have a big family
  • Ideally, family oriented A place where families are the main customers is definitely preferable to a place where children are frowned upon.
  • Has a snack bar, a cafeteria or a restaurant
  • Not far, unless you’re planning to make a day trip of visiting another town.
  • Reasonable price
  • Safe

Considering all the above criteria, indoor activities that you might enjoy are:

This indoor sport is always fun for the whole family. It can get very competitive, but is sure to be a great family bonding activity.

Go Karts
Who wouldn’t love driving these little cars and feeling like an F1 champion?

Let the soldier that lies in every kid out. As a game requires large groups, it’s the right time to call your friends and cousins to come along. Keep in mind that young children will not be able to participate, but this is a great activity for teens and adults. Just make sure you follow the safety recommendations and ensure your children wear the proper paintball gear.

Laser Tag
Get ready for a real workout! Crouching and running through the laser tag facility is quite a workout, even for just 10 or 20 minutes, so adults can expect some sore muscles. It’s a great family activity and is sure to prompt lots of story telling of experiences afterward.

Ice skating
Ice skating is a great sport that the entire family can enjoy, right down to the littlest toddler. Instead of being outside in the biting wind and cold, go to the relative comfort of your local skating rink for a family skate.

Roller skating
Listening to some great, heart-pumping tunes while you roller skate is so much fun! If you haven’t been to the roller skating rink near you since the 80’s, go enjoy some nostalgia with your family. Many people find this much easier than ice skating.

Climbing center
Test your agility and let your kids discover some great sensations and a sense of accomplishment. Challenge each other to do your personal best and climb higher each time!

Most places have an indoor community pool nearby. If not, some hotels wllow you to pay a fee and have access to the pool.

Check out this article if instead of going out to find an indoor activity, you need to keep the kids busy while you’re doing chores.

What would you add to our indoor activities list? What are some of your favorite places to go to take part in indoor activities?

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Updated by Kimberly January 2014