How to save money

Best ways to save money for your family! From clothing, foods to goods

Air Miles

Redeem Your AIR MILES Rewards for Cash at Iris!

With six pairs of glasses, our eye-wear budget is outrageous! We spent over $1,000 in eye-wear products this fall alone! So when I heard that AIR MILES Canada and Iris the Visual Group- were partnering together, I was ecstatic! As an AIR MILES collector, I could not be more happy. It means that every time I go to an Iris eye-wear specialist, I can earn reward miles and also redeem them.

Sorry Kids, it’s expensive!! We need to stick to the budget

As parents of two, we found ourselves wrestling for financial discipline when it comes to our children. We set up a monthly budget, we try to stick to it but when it comes to our kids, we ignore our common sense and we say yes to the expensive juice at the hockey arena, or to the unhealthy snack at the supermarket. We find it hard to say always No to our kid’s endless lists.