Dog Lovers Turned Pet Sitters: How to Get Paid to Play with Dogs!

You can’t really get paid just for playing with dogs, right? You’d do that for free! But as a pet-sitter, you get the best of both worlds: Supplementing your income while doing what you love.

Can you really get paid for playing with dogs? Become a pet-sitter and you sure can! Find out how! does all the work for you, and you get to show up for playtime. Once you sign up, you’ll be taken through each step of launching your services. You’ll create a profile, choose which services to offer, set competitive rates, and wait for clients to get in touch!

Becoming a Pet Sitter

What services should I offer?

You can offer care in your home or in the owner’s home, either overnight or for portions of the day. If you have space for dogs and a friendly atmosphere at home, you can board canine guests overnight or offer doggy daycare. Otherwise, you can do walks and drop-ins while you’re running your regular errands, or even house-sit for other owners (which could give you a paid staycation!).

Happy, healthy dogs should always be your first priority. Schedule playtime, get some cuddles, and enjoy your time together. Dogs love spending time outdoors, which is a great way to get nature time for the whole family.

What about the kids? 

Children can learn a ton from playing with pups! Just keep basic safety in mind, and take precautions. Don’t forget that even well-trained dogs can still have unexpected reactions. Always supervise children when they are playing with dogs, and only allow dogs with good bite inhibition to play with young children. Check for bite inhibition at your Meet & Greet. With the owner’s go-ahead, engage in rough play, and ensure that the dog uses a soft mouth without biting down on your limbs or hands.

Teach your children to be kind to dogs, and to pay attention to their body language. Kids can help with tasks like feeding and walking pets, and will learn the basics of animal care and kind, responsible guardianship in the process. If you have an infant or need to step away from the kids and pup momentarily, use a baby gate to separate the dog’s space from the children’s space.

How can I maximize my income?

Improve your retention rate and get five-star reviews by maintaining excellent communication, using Rover’s handy app for regular updates. Consider doubling services, if you’d like: Dogs who get along can play together while boarding or in daycare, and you can schedule drop-ins or walks during your free time. Be sure to follow through on owners’ expectations, and keep in touch after the stay to get more gigs.

Additionally, you can earn a special bonus by referring other sitters through Rover’s wonderful referral program.

Rover is an amazing, supportive community, and you’ll be sure to make lifelong friends (of the human variety, and otherwise!). Whenever you need guidance, the Rover team will be there to help you improve your profile, increase your bookings, and develop your knowledge of pet health and safety. You’ll be glad you became a dog-sitter. Your joy quotient is about to increase exponentially!

Written by Nat Smith, community member. Rover is the nation’s largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.


8 thoughts on “Dog Lovers Turned Pet Sitters: How to Get Paid to Play with Dogs!”

  1. Oh i would love to do a dog sitter so that my dog can have a playmate too. I will take a walk them in a park so they can play.

  2. How did I not know that this was a thing? This would be so perfect for my daughters! They’re responsible and love animals.

  3. This is so perfect for us! My kids so want a dog and feel it would get them off their screens. I will definitely look into this option.

  4. This is a really great idea! I love dogs, and I wouldn’t mind earning some extra cash on the side. I will have to consider dog-sitting. Sounds like it could be fun!

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