Impact of bullying on a family’s life! How to prevent it and stop it

Kate Walton

Expert Bullying Prevention Tips from Author and Teacher Kate Walton

I am extremely honored for the chance to interview bullying prevention expert and esteemed Young Adult author Kate Walton. Kate spent over a decade as a teacher. During her years educating, she developed some groundbreaking methods of helping curb the bullying epidemic in her schools. Later, she took what she knew and penned two powerful young adult novels.

How to be angry book

Book Review: How to be Angry

How to Be Angry is a must read for all parents. Each session includes a section entitled “Notes for Parents.” Although most of the sessions are geared to a group format, any parent can easily incorporate the great information in this book into their daily family routine.

Are You the Father of a Bully?

Fathers play a significant role in the development of their children’s attitude and behavior toward other people. Major traits are molded within the family circle. As the father, what type of person are you help mold?