Impact of bullying on a family’s life! How to prevent it and stop it

Are Bullying And Obesity Related?

Are Obesity And Bullying Related?

As we attempt to learn more about why people become bullies or victims, we must face that some medical issues play a part in this epidemic.  Are Obesity And Bullying Related?  Most definitely!  On both ends of the spectrum you must look at reports of the health concerns around bullying and accept that obesity can …

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Kids Artwork Fights Bullying

Kids Artwork Fights Bullying

As advocates against bullying, we are always excited to hear of children and youth involvement in prevention. A recent program in Maryland proved that Kids Artwork Fights Bullying. With involvement from various schools, the Diverse Expressions project has become a great way for victims of bullying to speak out in art or poetry to share …

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What Is Adult Bullying

What Is Adult Bullying?

The topic of bullying typically revolves around the younger sect of society, but today we want to tackle the question What Is Adult Bullying? While many individuals would laugh and say there is no such thing, for those of us who have experienced adult bullying it is a real and true experience. Most commonly noted …

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Kate Walton

Expert Bullying Prevention Tips from Author and Teacher Kate Walton

I am extremely honored for the chance to interview bullying prevention expert and esteemed Young Adult author Kate Walton. Kate spent over a decade as a teacher. During her years educating, she developed some groundbreaking methods of helping curb the bullying epidemic in her schools. Later, she took what she knew and penned two powerful young adult novels.

Bullying Victims

Bullying Victims are More Likely to Suffer from Emotional Disorders as Adults

The impact for bullying victims doesn’t end when a child graduates from school and gets away from the bully. A recent study found that the effects of bullying can follow children well into the adult years. It can result in depression and more cases of suicide. William Copeland, a professor at Duke University, recently published …

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How to Avoid Raising a Bully

  With bullying reaching epidemic proportions in schools across the world, many parents are not only looking for ways to stop it from happening to their child, but to ensure that they are not raising a bully themselves. No good parents want their child to be the one who breaks another child’s spirit.  So what …

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How to be angry book

Book Review: How to be Angry

How to Be Angry is a must read for all parents. Each session includes a section entitled “Notes for Parents.” Although most of the sessions are geared to a group format, any parent can easily incorporate the great information in this book into their daily family routine.


Practical Ways to Stop Bullying

Bullying is a major problem that affects over 25% of children in the lower grades, and 20% in high school. It has the potential to cause both short-term and long-lasting effects on the child’s self-esteem. If it was easy to stop bullying, we wouldn’t have such a widespread problem. Bullies have existed since the beginning of the …

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Bullying: How it hit our family

Thanks to The Bully Project for sponsoring my writing. Visit their website to join the movement and learn more. Bullying hit our family. Unfortunately, my son was the target at school. My son was born with severe strabismus that required multiple surgeries and therapies. His vision is better but his depth perception is not as …

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Are You the Father of a Bully?

Fathers play a significant role in the development of their children’s attitude and behavior toward other people. Major traits are molded within the family circle. As the father, what type of person are you help mold?

Bullying: The Dad’s Effect

For over 3 years, my son was experiencing bullying. He was called bad names, threatened, and was excluded from games. It was more of a psychological abuse than a physical abuse. Each year, it was a different bully: one year it was a girl who threatened to kill him, another year it was a boy who wanted …

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Silent Epidemic – Bullying

There is an increasing trend that needs to stop. Bullying of children is contributing to isolationist behavior, cutting or self mutilation, and most tragically, suicide. Many schools have a zero tolerance policy against bullying, but that is not always working. Children are afraid to report bullies. What can we do as mothers and fathers to …

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How to Prevent Cyberbullying

With more children using the internet than ever before, it has become increasingly important to figure out how to prevent cyberbullying. Once upon a time, the worst thing that parents had to worry about in terms of bullying was a nasty kid on the playground calling their children names. As if that wasn’t bad enough, …

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