Bullying Tips For Victims: How To Overcome Bullying

Bullying Tips For Victims: How To Overcome Bullying | OurFamilyWorld.com

We have put together a few Bullying Tips For Victims: How To Overcome Bullying that are sure to help you and your child get past a rough time with ease.  Once you realize your child has become a victim of bullying, it is time to make steps toward healing and overcoming.  Bullying does not have to control your life.  It doesn’t even have to have long term effects.  With the proper steps, you can easily put this time behind you.


Seek Counseling.  Nothing can be stressed as much as this.  Whether it is a trusted pastor, a school counselor or someone you found in the yellow pages, counseling is imperative.  Being able to speak to someone about what happened and how to let it go will begin the healing process.

Find a self esteem building outlet.  Look for something that is an area of talent or empowerment the victim can feel good about themselves in.  Dance, music, sports, science, poetry and art of various kinds are excellent sources of empowerment.  If your child isn’t sure where they excel, try out different things until you discover an outlet that will help build their self esteem and confidence.

Create a positive home life.  If there have been negative things happening within your home, it is time to get rid of them.  Make time for family each night.  Dinner together, game night, weekend road trips or other family friendly focused fun things everyone will love are great.  Creating a positive and fun experience at home can deflect the bad feelings remaining after bullying.

Don’t pretend it didn’t happen.  While you want your child to move forward in life and let go of the bad, you can’t pretend something bad didn’t happen.  Bullying can leave lasting scars, but you can help those scars to heal properly if you give them care and time.  When fear, upset or pain appears out of nowhere, don’t overlook it an act as if it shouldn’t be there  Figure out the trigger, give lots of hugs and encouragement, and keep moving forward acknowledging the lasting effect of bullying.

No victim has to live forever in pain and fear after being bullied.  These bullying tips for victims are a great way to start toward a lifetime of health, happiness and overcoming.  No victim, whether child or adult has to live their life as a victim in fear.  Use these bullying tips for victims to overcome bullying in your lives.

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15 thoughts on “Bullying Tips For Victims: How To Overcome Bullying”

  1. It saddens me no end that bullying occurs as delinquently as it does these days. I know it has always been around but not as rampant! Getting your child help and helping them to find a way to excel at something are very good suggestions.

  2. These are really good tips – especially the don’t pretend it didn’t happen one. We’ve seem this some in my son’s school and it is just heartbreaking!

  3. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    I am pretty sure I was bullied back in school at some point, but back then, it was just “kids being kids”. I hope my kids don’t experience it.

  4. Fi Ní Neachtáin

    Really great tips. As someone who was bullied throughout her school life I wish I had a more positive home life to come back to and seek solace after school. Always important to tell and adult too.

  5. I hope this is a post that parents actually talk to there children about. I was a victim of bullying when I was younger, and it really shaped the person I am today. I wish I knew more about coping back then.

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