Anti-Bullying Quotes to Help Kids Use their Words

Let’s face it, anti-bullying quotes alone aren’t going to change the world and make kids stop bullying. Still, I’ve always loved quotes. I feel like they convey a message when my mind is too tired, too scared or too overwhelmed to come up with what I want to say on my own. To me, quotes are like a warm security blanket and a source of inspiration.

Anti-Bullying Quotes to Help Kids Use Their Words


I am trying to teach my son to use his words when it comes to dealing with bullying at school. He’s been dealing with one kid for two years. The school doesn’t seem to think there is a problem. They think it’s “boys being boys.” Last week, Jake got sick of the kid teasing him and hit him with a stick. Apparently it was more of a “bop” than an all-out whack, so he didn’t get suspended. Still, I’m trying to help him figure out a way to use words rather than sticks to deal with this kid until the school year ends.

Anti-Bullying Quotes: Teach Kids to Use their Words

While I don’t expect my son- or your child- to memorize these anti-bullying quotes and toss them back at bullies, I do feel that they open up a dialogue. Plus, kids can remember the ones that resonate most with them and paraphrase them if they need to.


This is another one of my favorite anti-bullying quotes because it tells kids to remember the power of words. It’s kind of the opposite of the “sticks and stones” saying. To me, words are often far more harmful than getting hit with a stick! I mean, stick wounds fade, but the emotional scars of being teased…they can last forever.


As much as I love this quote, it’s a little over-simplified. We can tell our kids to avoid gossipy people all we want, but really, that would be half the student body! We all went to school, let’s try to remember that. Instead, we can encourage our kids not to spread rumors and to be the one who looks deeper into the gossip for the truth.

“I was taught at a tender age that Bullying had nothing to do with me; instead it had everything to do with the heartache of the person doing the bullying.”
― Tiffany Haisten, Red Is the Color Of…

I absolutely love this anti-bullying quote because it addresses such an important issue. Many kids who bully are hurting themselves. They bully others to hide or compensate for their own emotional pain. If we can help our children understand this, we may be able to prevent kids from becoming bullies. If nothing else, at least we can approach the issue with a bit more empathy.


This last quote is among the most inspirational anti-bullying quotes. It’s something that I need to remind myself and my son. Bullies are not bigger than us in any real sense. Sure, they may occasionally be taller or more muscular, but where it matters, we are all equal. We are also only as small as we allow our fear to make us.

I hope these anti-bullying quotes help give you some ideas on how to teach your child to use words instead of fists (or sticks!). Need more inspiration? Check out our bullying quotes to help inspire bullying awareness!  Also, be sure to visit our complete guide to bullying prevention and awareness.

Do you have any favorite anti-bullying quotes to add?

8 thoughts on “Anti-Bullying Quotes to Help Kids Use their Words”

  1. It is very difficult for a child not to eventually try to fight back when being bullied-your son took it for two years before he fought back-I commend him (and you) for that.

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  3. I love these quotes and images. It’s so hard to believe what kids have to go through nowadays with the Internet amplifying what bullying was like when I was growing up. It seems difficult to escape, and it really is necessary to find that inner strength.

  4. This is a powerful post. It is really sad how much kids have to deal with. However, the teasing and the name calling has always existed. I just think it’s gotten so much more cruel though. I especially love the quote about staying away from people who gossip and spread rumors. Even as an adult I have learned to stay away from people who create so much negativity.

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