National #PinkShirtDay: Let’s stand against #Bullying

As some of you may know, we have dealt with bullying during the last 2 years. My son was bullied at school by several students and classmates. It was hard for everyone in the family!  The school staff was very helpful. Each time my son was bullied, we stood against this and we engaged in discussions, meetings with the school staff. It helped but the improvements were slow.

Some days we were helpless. My son was threatened by a 9-year-old. She said,  I know where you live, I will come and kill you!! How do you feel as a parent when your son is bullied? The situation improved when my husband was involved. It was the father’s effect against bullying.

This cause is so dear to me! Each time I can support it, I will! How am I going to fight against this today? By wearing Pink and attending a show in a local high school! Why? Because today: February 29th, is National Pink Shirt Day.

National Pink Shirt Day: Let’s stand against Bullying

It all started in 2007. 2 Teenagers organized a high-school protest to stand against the harassment of a new Grade 9 student. During this protest they distributed pink T-Shirts to all the boys in their school! In my opinion, when other mates are involved in these situations, bullying will be more likely to stop!

Support the National Pink Shirt Day

You can support the National Shirt Day in so many ways:

  • Purchase your official Pink Shirt Day T-Shirt at London Drugs or online at
  • Wear Pink shirt and urge your kids to do so
  • Tweet this message! Hashtag: #bullying and #PinkShirtDay
  • Share this message on Facebook
  • Talk to your teens about this cause!
  • Listen to your children and encourage discussions!
  • You can aslo stand up to this cause on March 31st for the International Stand Up Bullying Day!

Let’s help our children grow in a safe environment! Stand Up Against Bullying!

6 thoughts on “National #PinkShirtDay: Let’s stand against #Bullying”

  1. Oh wow..I hadn’t heard of this before now, but I was wearing a black and blue shirt just before we left the house and suddenly changed to a pink shirt for whatever reason. Ironic, huh…black and blue to pink?!!!

    1. Thanks Janet for supporting this cause!! It is so important!! It is a National Day in Canada though!! It would be great to spread it to the US! We are neighbors!

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