Spread Awareness In Style With Anti-Bullying Jewelry

Spread Awareness In Style With Anti-Bullying Jewelry

Looking for great anti-bullying jewelry? Read on! Most causes that we fight for or against in society today have many forms of promotion.  One thing we have noticed in recent years for a multitude of causes is the increase in jewelry, clothing and accessories in support of the cause itself.  Why not Spread Awareness In Style With Anti-Bullying Jewelry?  As we continue speaking out against bullying, we feel it is time to mention another way we can raise awareness.  Why not begin with jewelry?

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Why Will This Help?

Often we will wear a shirt, a necklace, a bracelet or even a ring that is important to us.  Our friends, acquaintances, family members and coworkers may notice something unique about it and inquire.  We have opened up a line of communication with them that allows us to influence their views by sharing our story.  By wearing something like a simple bracelet, pendant on a chain or similar jewelry item we are putting out there that we are against bullying.

Jewelry is a great ice breaker for many conversations.  Think about how many times you have mentioned to someone in your office that you liked their earrings or necklace?  The same thing can happen with a simple statement piece that promotes an end to bullying.

What Jewelry Should Be Worn?

Silicone Band Bracelets:  These are great since they are so inexpensive to buy in bulk.  Not only can you create a catch phrase that is unique, you can easily distribute these to hundreds or even thousands of people quickly and easily for low costs. If you’re looking for a great place to create your own anti-bullying jewelry, we recommend Zazzle (affiliate link)

Pendants:  With many causes taking on a symbol and creating a charm or pendant, why not do the same with bullying?  Something as simple as a stop sign shaped pendant that says “stop bullying” could be incorporated into charm bracelets, lapel pins, earrings and pendants worn on a chain.

Consider beginning a trend in your own community of spreading awareness in style with anti-bullying jewelry.  Not only will you show your support for those who are being bullied, you’ll possibly begin a great trend in cause support.  Fashion and jewelry trends are often viral in just a few days when the right person wears something.  Getting the concept of anti-bullying jewelry out there for others to see and appreciate will help your cause to be heard by many more in your community who can help make a positive impact.

Have you ever made anti-bullying jewelry? What tips do you have?

8 thoughts on “Spread Awareness In Style With Anti-Bullying Jewelry”

  1. Great idea with the jewelry hope it spreads awareness! I am scared for my kids to grow up, I don’t want them to bully people or be bullied. It needs to stop!!

  2. That’s a great idea for an important cause. I’m so happy to see so much awareness being brought out for this campaign.

  3. What an awesome idea.. I’m ALL for the anti-bulling campaign and spreading awareness any way we can is great.. loved the post, will have to share it with my friends, thanks for sharing and let’s keep sharing the message

  4. My daughter has made some beaded jewelry to represent anti-bullying. She is older now and still continues to be bullied. It is a crime that has not been addressed as one! It should be treated as such, a crime! Thank you!! :)

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