4 Scary Ways Bullying Affects Teenagers That Every Parent Should Know

Bullying affects teenagers in so many different way, but these four potential consequences scare us the most. As parents, we need to be vigilant and watch for signs of them in our kids.

Bullying affects teenagers in so many different ways, but these four scare us the most. Every parent needs to check them out & learn the signs!


Children and adults alike can be victims of bullying, and it can take its toll on individuals if they are unable to deal with the effects. Teenagers are more prone to bullying and being bullied than some others, and the effects are sometimes harsher for them. Why? Because peer pressure when you’re an adolescent is a frequent occurrence, and many times teens that do not comply with what their peers expect of them are more often victims of bullying than those that go along with their peers.

There are many examples that can be used, but the most popular one falls into the category of sexual nature. If you’re a good girl or boy that plans to keep their virtue until they meet the right person, then you can easily be labeled a prude, a slut, or homosexual, and that’s when the bullying begins. A sad story, but one that is internationally true.

Below are just a handful of effects that bullying can have on teenagers and even children. Remember, if you know someone who is being bullied or have been bullied yourself, there is help out there and do not be afraid to seek it.

Scariest ways bullying affects teenagers

1- Depression

Being an awkward teenager is hard enough–now imagine being an awkward and depressed teenager. The percentage rate for teen suicide is higher than it has ever been, and even though being bullied isn’t the main reason for teen suicide it can definitely be included as one of the factors along with depression.  For some individuals, this depression can continue into their adulthood if the proper guidance or medical advice is not sought after.

2- Violence

Oftentimes, depending on how severe the victim is being bullied, it can lead them to become violent and vengeful. Having fantasies about revenge on their tormentor is not uncommon for a bullied victim. How far they choose to take it can vary from person to person. Some victims will simply imagine what they could do for revenge, but unfortunately, fantasy can lead to reality and then other legal and mental issues along the way. The severity of the violence will vary from one victim to another.

3- Suicide

While suicide usually doesn’t occur due to bullying, if combine bullying, anxiety, fear, self-esteem, depression and other mental conditions, it can certainly be a recipe for disaster for the victim. Some of the experts think that bullying doesn’t lead to suicide, that there are underlying mental or medical reasons along with the bullying that can cause it. Many of those affected by suicide would likely disagree with the experts.

4- Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

Another side effect of bullying is often drugs and alcohol. The feelings of low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and more from being bullied can lead to drug and/or alcohol abuse for teenagers that aren’t 100% sure of themselves so the feeling they get from being high or drunk makes them feel that they are worthwhile and invincible. Since this isn’t always the story, the knowledge that it can happen is worth filing away for a later date.  

As you can see, these few effects and many others can be life altering for our young people. Bullies do not realize what their torment can actually do to others, and some of them just do not care. If you see anything that is considered bullying, do not be afraid to report it to an adult or organization that helps in the fight against bullying. There are many out there, and some are anonymous, so the bullies will never know that they are being reported. With everyone’s help, maybe, someday, the bullying will end and no child, teenager, or adult will ever have to worry about it again.

What are some other ways that bullying affects teenagers that you think parents should be particularly vigilant about? Share below.

9 thoughts on “4 Scary Ways Bullying Affects Teenagers That Every Parent Should Know”

  1. My kids were always the ones to help kids that are getting bullied. My son is a coach and sees bullying quite often and addresses it with parents. My kids were pre-digital, now a days with social media it is so easy to get bullied.

  2. These are great things to bring attention to and signs to watch for. Bullying is real and affect people everyday. Talk to your kids ALL the time about what is going on and be involved.

  3. Bullying has always been a problem, but social media has changed how people are bullied. It’s wonderful to talk about this problem as solutions are unique to this new time period.

  4. This is such a scary issue for me as my son starts to enter school age. You hear about so many stories of kids that ask for help and never receive it, and they are bullied until one of these above side effects happens. Thank you for talking about this and bringing awareness to such an important issue affecting our kids today.

  5. Bullying is an issue near and dear to my heart. I think something parents should watch for is decrease in social activities and hobbies they enjoy. If they are separating themselves from people in general, but especially family, try to see what’s up.

  6. Nicole Cochingco Escat

    Great post. The effects of bullying nowadays are very alarming. There are children that are good in hiding. They do not tell other how they area bullied in school until they found themselves depressed and the parents, busy on their work, still do not know what’s going on with their child. That is really sad. So let us take time to learn our children and stop bullying.

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