Bullying Awareness Month: Quotes and Thoughts About Bullying

Our special Bullying Awareness month is coming to an end. We hope you learned some great new tips on preventing and coping with bullying. Throughout the month, we featured some amazing quotes about bullying from many different sources, including the eloquent young pop-star, Spencer Kane. Today, we’d like to share those quotes again and let the impact of the words really sink in.

Quotes and Thoughts About Bullying

This is such a powerful quote because all kids (and adults!) need to understand that there will always be someone out there who wants to push you down. It’s an inevitable part of life. The only thing you can do is stand your ground and not give in to the bullying, not allow the aggressor to take away your power.



This is one of our favorite quotes from the Spencer Kane interview. Spencer may be young, but he’s proven himself to be wise beyond his years when it comes to bullying. So many times, we put ourselves down, and our children learn to do the same. Bullying yourself can have just as deep a toll on self-esteem as being bullied by another.



I think this quote really speaks for itself. It’s simple, yet powerful. If you see someone being bullied, do something!



I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve heard people tell me I’m too nice, like it’s a negative character trait. Kindness and compassion does not equal weakness. Don’t let bullies take away the good traits your child has. Reassure him or her that being a good person is a strength. At the same time, do remind them that it is okay to say no to others when they need to!


Did you know that, according to BullyingStatistics.org,, only one in 10 kids tell their parents when they’re being cyberbullied? Bullies often threaten their victims into being silent. We need to let our kids know that they can tell us anything, and that we will take a stand to protect them.


While it’s true that many kids can live through being bullied and still grow up to be strong, confident adults, it does have long-lasted effects on self-esteem. There are so many other ways to build character than by being the victim of bullying.


If you enjoyed these quotes, we encourage you to share them with others! We also have a Stop Bullying board on Pinterest with quotes, stories, and more to inspire you to help put an end to this epidemic. While our special Bullying Awareness Month may be ending, Our Family World is dedicated to spreading awareness and sharing tips with you on the subject, so expect to see much more bullying articles on our site. After all, every month should be bullying awareness month.

8 thoughts on “Bullying Awareness Month: Quotes and Thoughts About Bullying”

  1. Ran across your sayings on pinterest. We are currently involved in a lawsuit with a school district because they allowed my beautiful son to be bullied by the same boy from kindergarten thru 4th grade. The deposition s finally take place the week of July 22nd 2013. Please pray for justice for my son and the others that have been a victim of that sociopath! My son is now in private school and has been on the deans list twice during 5th grade. I will never stop protecting the love of my life! I love you baby. You are strong, you are brave, you are smart and you are beautiful! Mom

    1. Wow, that is so upsetting to hear! I am astonished at how far schools go to protect bullies instead of the victims sometimes. I wish you the best of luck. I’m so happy to hear your son is doing much better in private school! I went to private school, partially because of bullies as well.

  2. Great quotes! This problem has so much focus, hopefully it brings these issue to a halt. It’s so sad how mean people (old and young) can be to others.

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