Anti Bullying Organizations: Where To Turn For Help

If you have established that your child is indeed a victim of bullying, your next step is to provide them with the love and support they need to move past and recover from their experiences. Many parents don’t know where to begin but there are always great options to help you help them through this difficult time. Anti Bullying Organizations are available nationwide and many places in your own community will become a safe haven for your child and a place for you to seek advice and support as well. We’ve compiled a list of a few of the most commonly sought out support groups that you can also plug into for help.

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Anti Bullying Organizations: Where To Turn For Help

Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center: This great website is a starting point for many who are looking to start their own support group locally. Not only has this program helped establish local and national groups, it has become one of the best Internet information sources on how to cope, what bullying really is and how to help your child through the tough days. This website is a government source that establishes links to federal and state laws regarding bullying. Not only will it be a tool you as a parent can seek out for facts regarding your local laws about bullying, it will also provide you with tons of information on how to identify if your child is being bullied, is a bully and how to resolve or change the matter.

Stomp Out Bullying: If you are looking for active anti bullying organizations for your children to become involved, this site has tons of events, online and in local communities, for you to participate in. Plugged into social media and rich with celebrity sponsors and spokespeople it is a perfect resource for the shy child who wants a bit of anonymity but to still be involved with a big cause.

Champions Against Bullying: If you are looking for a list of FAQ’s to search to learn more about bullying this is an excellent site and resource. There are free downloads for parents and children, along with endless resources on how to deal with various effects of bullying in your home.

No Bully: This site and organization establishes great programs within school districts that will help motivate children to become accepting of their peers while encouraging those who have been bullied that they are valuable. The site includes great stories of bullying to share with your family to help put into perspective your own stories while reminding you that you are not alone.

Additional help in the form of anti bullying organizations may come from local community groups. Check with your local YMCA, Boys & Girls Club or even library to see if a group has already been established. Many metropolitan areas have their own anti bullying and pro acceptance groups, and if your child is a fan of the Harlem Globetrotters one of their retired players, Kevin Dailey, has recently begun speaking out against bullying and may offer help or encouragement on his site.  If your child is in the LGBT community you may also find yourself with a world of other options for support in the more direct bullying they will experience. No matter what your need and question these organizations are the perfect places to turn to help your family learn and combat the bullying problem you currently face.

Do you know of any great anti bullying organizations that we missed?

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  1. What if you owned a home and business in your community, had never been in any trouble in your over 60 years of life and you were being bullied by an employee of your local airport? What if you called your local airport in 2009 to ask very nicely if the student pilots could please stop doing stall maneuvers over your home and the person you called about was the most powerful person at your airport. And what if he was maybe an alcoholic and maybe going through a divorce (we are grasping at straws here, we don’t understand how anyone can do this to another person for any reason) and your call pushed him over the edge. What if within one hour, you were being bombarded by every small plane in the area and then three weeks later, every jet, helicopter and private plane was buzzing your home? What if this government employee decided that you don’t deserve to live and set about every single day for almost six years to destroy your life? What if this employee stalked you through your atm and credit cards, phones and computers so they could destroy you wherever you went? And the military, this is especially heart breaking that our military would participate in trying to destroy the life of it’s own people. We are shocked at how many pilots participated in the bullying and sleep deprivation of us. True psychological warfare designed to cause you to commit suicide. What if someone wanted to take all joy from your life and hunted you like an animal and had every resource to do so and no one would stop him? Who would you call? We will never ever be the same. Six years. Who would you call? Where do adults of bullying by government employees go for help? This is abuse of power in the worst way. How many people have lost their lives to suicide or cancer from this kind of abuse of power? He is allowed to fly over me every single day. Can you imagine being forced to live with your bully? It’s rape of the soul. It’s so incredibly damaging. How many people have lost their children and homes because they innocently crossed the path of a monster with unlimited resources? This is beyond sad and sick. Please, we need a hero. We need people to hear about this. They want us to be so scared that we say nothing. For evil to succeed, all that needs to happen is for good people to do nothing. We need help. We need a hero. What will they do to us next? It’s a chilling thought. We will live in fear for the rest of our lives. This is America????

  2. Thank you for spreading awareness on this topic. I am an anti Cyber-bullying speaker and my girls wrote a book about Self-esteem for kids to teach them how to become bully-proof. We volunteer at the local organization, as well. Needless to say, it is something we are passionate about and so I commend you for this amazing post with so many resources and advice.

  3. It’s a sad commentary on our society when we need organizations to commandeer a movement to stop bullying. I’m saddened by the outpouring of hate based behavior among our youth which does not sart and stop at their doorstep.

  4. Rebecca Swenor

    This is such a great topic and everyone should be aware of bullies or victims of bullying. Thanks for sharing this information.

  5. I really don’t remember there being as much bullying going on when I grew up eons ago-or maybe it was just hidden better? I am glad to see that there are places you can now go to find answers and possible help.

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