Physical Bullying And Abusers: Is it a Cycle?


Traditionally when we think of the term bullying, we often go back to those movies from our childhood with the big kid beating up on the geek, nerd or little guy. Physical bullying and abusers seem to go hand in hand in those movies as well as real life. While there are multiple ways a person can be bullied physically, there is a lot of correlation between those who abuse and those who continue the cycle of abuse.


Does Abuse Create A Physical Bully or Abuser?

In one word, yes. Sadly, the bulk of abusers in our society today were also abused as an adult or child. While many of us know that abuse has no place in our lives, when that abuse is the only example you have seen it is hard to know what to do otherwise. Many young boys and girls are abused by their parents in their own home. The way they are taught to gain control in their lives is by physical means. For some that means holding their power over someone else in the form of abuse. Not everyone who is abused will become a physical bully or abuser, but it takes a lot of work on the part of other good influences to help prevent that from happening.

Does Physical Bullying Have a Long Lasting Emotional Effect On The Victim?

Physical bullying definitely will cause long term issues in the victim. Whether it is lack of self esteem for the younger boy who wasn’t able to defend themselves, or the woman feeling that abuse is normal in a relationship physical bullying lasts. Emotional issues, lack of trust, low self esteem, depression and even suicide attempts are all common in victims of physical bullying.

Can We Stop The Cycle Of Abuse And Physical Bullying?

YES! As victims, we can choose to seek counseling and find alternative methods of disciplining our children rather than by physical means. This isn’t about the question of to spank or not to spank, but a question of your own ability to control yourself. Counseling, good moral support and building a healthy image of ourselves despite our past as victims goes a long way toward stopping the cycle of physical bullying and abuse. As parents we can work alongside teachers and therapists to build our children up after they have been victimized by others. There is much to be said about proper self worth and long term counseling from trusted professionals.

No matter who is the one doing the physical bullying in your life or that of your child, you can put a stop to this form of abuse. Physical Bullying And Abusers don’t have to continue on a repeated cycle from generation to generation. We can put a stop to the pain and vicious cycle by creating loving homes and environments for our children to grow up in.

See our Stop Bullying Tips to learn more about preventing physical bullying.

Do you think physical bullying becomes a cycle that is doomed to repeat? If so, how can we help the victims so we can break the cycle?

3 thoughts on “Physical Bullying And Abusers: Is it a Cycle?”

  1. I just found out yesterday that my son who is in 5th grade is being physically abused by a kid in his grade with a “bandana wipping” took pictures of the bruises and reported it to the principal. This bully has been suspended and expelled more than 6 times from aug 14-dec 14…Nothing is getting done

  2. I do think it’s true that it’s a cycle. I have also read educational research showing that kids are more likely to be bully-victims (i.e., both bullies and victims of bullies) than to be just bullies or just victims.

  3. I really hope it’s not a cycle, but I see how it can become one. I think that if you treat your kids with respect, they will treat others with respect.

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