Tips for Boosting Self-Esteem in Others

Boosting self-esteem in others might be something you haven’t ever really thought about. Check out these ways you can help.

Boosting self-esteem in others might be something you haven’t ever really thought about.  Have you ever seen one of your friends down on herself and thought ‘I wish I could help to boost her self-esteem, she’s a great person!’  Well you can, there are some things you can do to help make her feel better about herself.  Life can throw us some curve balls sometimes and as moms, we have so many roles, it can often feel like we aren’t doing anything right and the feelings can just spiral.  Try these things with your friends or coworkers who need a boost in self-esteem.

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Tips for Boosting Self-Esteem in Others


 It seems so simple to do yet so many of us just don’t do it.  How often have you thought to yourself ‘I love that dress she has on’, but kept it to yourself?  Tell her!  Maybe she just tossed on this old dress and doesn’t think she looks great, but hearing it from you will make her smile and maybe stand a bit taller.  It doesn’t take much to compliment someone and you will only make them smile.

Show interest

Doesn’t it make you feel good when someone asks how your weekend was, or how your vacation was?  We all love to talk about ourselves (you’re not fooling anyone, you do too).  We are human, and we like when others show interest in our lives and what we do.  You never know, you might have a new friend to make play dates!  Be genuine, hold a conversation with her.  

Invite her out!

 If you and a bunch of co-workers are heading to lunch, toss the invite her way.  She may so no (she will most likely say no), but keep asking her, everyday.  She probably feels like no one really wants to hang out with her, or might not be in the mood.  So make her feel wanted, keep asking her to go to lunch.  If you are all going to dinner, get her to go with you!  

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Offer your help

Does she need help on a work project?  Offer to help her.  We all like when someone offers to lighten our load and help us out!  You never know, you might make a new friend while helping her out!

Send a text

 I know it makes me smile when my friends send me a text out of the blue letting me know they are thinking of me.  Send her a text, let her know how great she is and you hope she has a great day!  When you find a funny meme or picture, send it to her, make her laugh!


It is hard to see someone you love and care about so down on themselves when you know how great they are.  It is also hard to see someone at work day in and day out the same way.  Simple gestures go a long way!  Think about what helps to brighten your day and do the same for someone else.


Have you tried to help boost someone else’s self-esteem before?  What sort of things did you do?  Share with us in the comment section below!

5 thoughts on “Tips for Boosting Self-Esteem in Others”

  1. I think simply reaching out to show you are thinking about someone can truly mean the world. These are great tips for human kindness, not just building self esteem!

  2. I really like how you gave thoughtful advice on how to help people feel comfortable in their own skins. My wife is an introvert, and it’s like pulling teeth to get her out, but when she does get out, she feels tons better. I also have found that getting involved with one of the individual’s projects is a great way to not only boost their self-esteem, but to make a great friend as well.

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