Stop Bullying: Tips for Prevention, Coping, and Inspiring Change

Our Family World is very passionate about spreading awareness to stop bullying. We’ve done our best to cover every angle. From prevention to true stories to tools that you can use to help stop it from happening to children everywhere, our goal is to provide you with everything you need to know. To make it a little easier, we’re featuring all of our articles in one easy to follow “Stop Bullying” landing page. We’ll constantly update this page so you don’t miss a single feature. Be sure to bookmark it now!


Tips for Prevention and Coping

Talking to Your Preschooler about Bullying – It’s never too early to talk to your child about dealing with bullies. These tips will help you address the issue with your preschool-aged child.

5 Great Self-Esteem-Boosting Games You Can Play With Your Child – Boosting your child’s self-esteem can help prevent the effects of being bullied.

Understanding the Different Types of Bullying– It is important to understand that there are more than one ways a child can be bullied to help prevent it from happening to your child.

Practical Ways to Stop Bullying – Easy tips that any parent can use to prevent their child from being bullied.

Fathers: Are You Raising a Bully? – What fathers in particular can do to ensure that they’re not raising children who will become bullies.

Bullying: The Dad’s Effect – On the flip-side of the issue of fathers raising bullies, studies show that  fathers who take an active role in their children’s life are more likely to raise children who are more resilient against bullying.

Cyberbullying May Hurt Those You Love – Cyberbullying affects thousands of children every day.

How to Prevent Cyberbullying – Practical tips to prevent your child from being bullied online.

Bullying Awareness: How to Determine if Your Child Needs Counseling After Being Bullied– Victims of bullying go through an emotional turmoil that even parents often can’t understand. Learn how to know when it’s time to seek professional help.

Preparing your Kindergartner for Dealing with BullyingThink kindergarteners are exempt from worrying about how to stop bullying? Think again! Sadly, bullying is starting earlier and earlier these days. Learn how to prepare your little one for dealing with bullying from the beginning.

Empathic Interpretation: A Unique Approach to Preventing Bullying – Take a look at a whole new approach that just may help stop bullying in schools and at home.

Bullying at Summer Camp: Recognizing and Preventing the IssueIf you’re planning to send your kids to summer camp, take a look at what you need to know to prevent bullying during their stay.

Helping Your Child Deal with Adult Bullies– It’s sad to think that the adults in your child’s life can be bullies too, but it happens! Learn how to cope when those who are responsible for building your child up instead use tactics to break her down.

How to Avoid Raising a Bully – No parent wants to find out that their child is a bully! Check out our tips to help you raise a confident, kind, compassionate child.

How Can Your Pet Help Stop Bullying and Boost Self-Esteem?

Are Bullying Bills the Solution to Stop Bullying?

What Is Bullying?: An Easy Definition to a Difficult Problem

Anti Bullying Organizations: Where To Turn For Help

Friendship Bullies – The Hidden Danger That Gets Missed

Teasing Vs. Bullying: Is there a Difference?

Girl Bullying: How Does it Affect Your Daughter’s Self Esteem?

Emotional Bullying In Society: Examples & Consequences

What Is Adult Bullying?

Verbal Bullying And Its Effect on Kids

Bullying Law: Should Parents be Held Accountable?

Stop Bullying Interviews and Inspiration

Bullying in School: 11-Year-Old Writer H.G. Sansostri Tackles the Subject We found our interview with 11-year-old author and actor, H. G. Sansostri incredibly inspirational. Learn how to stop bullying from a kid’s perspective!

Expert Bullying Prevention Tips from Author and Teacher Kate WaltonKate Walton spent years developing methods to stop bullying as a teacher. Now, she shares those methods with us!

Stop Bullying: Five Stories of InspirationNeed a little inspiration to help you deal with bullies? We love these stories of real people who devised their own methods to stop bullying.

Bullying Awareness Month: Quotes and Thoughts About Bullying– When we need a little inspiration, we turn to a few of our favorite bullying quotes.

Interview with Anti-Bullying Pop Star Spencer Kane– Pop star Spencer Kane is such an inspiration to teenagers everywhere. Read about his rise to fame and how he uses his position to help stop bullying.

Anti-Bullying Quotes to Help Kids Use their Words

Anti Bullying Poems to Help Your Kids Express Their Feelings

Galvanized Souls Fight Bullying With New Release Video Carry On

Bullying Video On Social Media: Will It Make A Difference?

True Stories about Bullying

Amanda Todd Suicide: Another victim of bullying – Tragic true story about a young girl who was so tormented by cyberbullying that she took her own life.

Bullying: How it hit our family – Find out why Our Family World is so passionate about the subject.

Remembering the Victims of Bullying: A Special Memorial– Bullying can have devastating consequences. We built this special memorial to remind us why we’re working so hard to stop bullying.

Miami Dolphins Bullying: What Kind of Message Does it Send Kids? The Miami Dolphins bullying case not only shows that bullying can happen even to sports stars, but opens up dialogue about the message it sends to kids.

My Little Pony Bullying Incident: What are We Failing to do About Bullying? The story of a little boy who was bullied because he liked My Little Pony, and an exploration into what we are doing wrong when it comes to stopping bullying.

Setup For Rape: My Personal Stories About Bullying

Tools to Help Stop Bullying

Facebook Joins the Fight to Prevent Bullying – Facebook rolled out some great features that kids can use to report bullies and get emotional support.

True Care: A Service Preventing Cyber Bullying on Social Networks – TrueCare is a great tool for parents who want to help prevent their child from being bullied on social networks

International Stand Up to #Bullying Day: Join the movement – While every day should be “Stand up” day, joining this movement on March 30th can help show the world that we will not tolerate bullying.

Stop Bullying by Role-Playing Scenarios – Role-playing different scenarios is a great way to help your child develop the tools necessary to stop bullying in his life. This is one of our most popular articles on the subject, so be sure to check it out!

Tips to Empower Your Child in Front of a Bully– You can only do so much as a parent to stop bullying. Giving your child the tools to help stand up to bullies will help them when you’re not there.

A Timeline of Movies Dealing with Bullying: A look at movies that deal with bullying in one way or another, and how we can use them to stop bullying.

15 Must-Read Books about Bullying for Kids & Teens : From fiction to non-fiction, these bullying books will help teens learn more about bullying and how to stop it.

How to Talk to Your Teen About Sexting and Bullying: No parent want to think about their kids sexting, but the reality is that they may be. Learn about how it can cause bullying and how to prevent your teens from sexting.

Do Public School Uniforms Prevent Bullying?: More and more public schools are leaning towards uniforms. Do they really help stop bullying?

How to Stop Bullying When the School Won’t Help: What do you do when you try to talk to the school about bullying but they don’t give you any answers?

Bullying Law: Should bullying be a criminal offense and how should it be punished? Should bullying be a crime? If so, how should it be punished?

Great Bullying Apps For Your Smart Phone & Tablet: These apps will help kids prevent and report bullying from their smartphones and tablets.

Bullying at Summer Jobs: Don’t Let it Happen to Your Teen: Many teens take summer jobs, only to find themselves being bullied by their boss. Stop it from happening to your teen.

Information and Alarming News

Ten Bullying Facts Every Parent Should Know Looking for the best place to get started in learning about bullying? Check out our ten facts that you really need to know abut bullying.

Silent Epidemic – Bullying – Bullying has often been called the “silent” epidemic because children who suffer from it are often too scared to come forward.

Smartphone App Can Make Cyberbullying Easier – Read about how Snapchat, a smartphone app that allows users to send pictures and set a viewing time limit, could be making cyberbullying easier.

Victims of Bullying Are More Likely to Engage in Self-Harming Behaviors – Studies show that children who are bullied are more likely to hurt themselves through cutting and other self-harming behavior.

Study Shows Obese Kids Get Bullied More– Children suffering from childhood obesity often get bullied more often, according to studies.

Effects of Bullying on a Child’s Self Esteem – Learn about the significant and lifelong effects on a child’s self-esteem.

Are schools no longer safe for our children? – Learn about the overall safety of schools and what they are doing-or aren’t doing-to stop this epidemic.

Stop Bullies by Banning them from Social Media: Will it Work?– One town’s police department decided to punish a bully by banning her from social media. Does this tactic work to stop bullying? Check it out and decide for yourself!

Bullying Victims are More Likely to Suffer from Emotional Disorders as Adults – Not surprisingly, studies show that children who are bullied often grow into adults with emotional issues. Learn more about it and how you can prevent your child from developing such issues.

School bullying facts: Are bullied kids more likely to bring weapons to school?

Bullying Fact Sheet: A Quick Guide For Parents

What Are The Effects Of Bullying On Your Adult Years?

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