Bullying Video On Social Media: Will It Make A Difference?


In recent news an American Sign Language class from Ocean City High School created a You Tube bullying video to help raise awareness and fight against this all too common method of belittling other students.  Bullying Video On Social Media Will It Make A Difference?  Let’s look at some of the things in social media today that may or may not make a difference in our fight against bullying.


Children & Teens Are Active On Social Media.  If you want to reach them you must meet them where they are.  The number of shares, retweets and likes on this YouTube video is proof positive that social media can be a powerful form of education.  While no social media project is guaranteed to make a difference, the proof is obvious that the right item shared can make the circles of all social media outlets.

Popular Music Artists Drive Traffic To Videos.  YouTube video spoofs and covers have proven that the name of an artist or a song can help a video skyrocket to popularity.  In this case, the Ocean City High School ASL students used Morgan Frazier’s “Hey Bully” as the title of their video as well as the song in the background.  The amount of views from people who are simply looking at that artist or song in particular will be much higher.

Seeing Real Humans Signing Will Create An Emotional Response.  While it is a different situation, we all know how our heart strings are pulled when those commercials come on TV showing children or animals hurting.  A bullying video that includes real teens in it showing passion, fear and pain will definitely create the emotional response that will entice viewers to share and comment.

Bullying Video On Social Media Will It Make A Difference?  The answer is yes.  Undoubtedly the appeal for kids and teens to check out the latest video sensation on their social media channels will draw in more and more viewers.  For every person who views this video, an ripple effect will be felt.  Whether they share the video on their own social media channels, or simply listen to the words of the song and begin to think about how their actions can hurt others – the impact will be felt.

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What do you think? Will putting a bullying video on social media make a difference in the fight against bullying? Tell us in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Bullying Video On Social Media: Will It Make A Difference?”

  1. I don’t know that it will make a difference. Bullying has been around for centuries and I don’t have high hopes that a video would solve it.

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