Cyber Bullying Facts Every Parent Needs to Know

Cyber Bullying Facts Every Parent Needs to Know

Today, we’re talking about cyber bullying facts every parent needs to know. With the popularity of social media, we find ourselves and our children being targeted in a new form of bullying.  Cyber Bullying has become the norm for many individuals out there these days.  Not only are our children more susceptible to anonymous online targeting, but we are as well.  Here are a few Cyber Bullying Facts for you to keep in mind as you navigate whether your child should be allowed to get online unsupervised as they get older.  Setting standards, parental controls and accountability can help to prevent your child from being a bully or becoming a victim of cyber bullying.

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Tweens & Teens Are The Largest Target Demographic: As kids begin taking those first few steps into online activities, they can easily becoming entangled in cyber bullying.  Social media doesn’t give anonymity, but many chat forums, fun game sites and other popular places teens will gravitate online do.  Someone who could appear to be their best friend in real life, may actually be their biggest bully online.  As a parent you can set down stricter guidelines on use and sites.  Always keep communication lines open between yourself and your child to make sure everyone knows what is happening online.

Girls & Women Are Targeted More Often: While some boys and men will be targeted, it is much more common to see girls targeted by cyber bullies.  This especially happens with the “mean girls” mentality of other girls or teens.  Unfortunately jealousy and cruel bullying from other girls often happens in the form of cyber bullying.

Sexual Bullying Takes Place In Higher Numbers In Cyber Bullying: The ease of hiding behind a screen gives people a chance to target each other in a much more aggressive sexual manner.  Cyber bullying often takes form as a means to belittle others sexual experience, ability or appeal.  It can also turn into a form of peer pressure where sexual exploits are compared making some teens feel they need to do more than they are comfortable with to fit in.

In Real Life Acquaintances Use Anonymity In Cyber Bullying:  There are many instances where tweens, teens and even adults find themselves being targeted by someone who seems to know a little too much about them to not be an in real life friend.  Sadly, many people are too cowardly to say bully in person, but they will quickly hide behind a screen and target their victim.

Cyber bullying facts can be frustrating to parents who know they can’t control every aspect of their kids lives online.  While it is easy to setup some control systems, rules and restrictions it can also be impossible to prevent all access in schools, libraries, friends homes and more.  Be diligent in talking to your kids and encourage them to always come to you when they are uncomfortable about anything happening online.  Their safety is your highest concern.  Make sure they no there will be no judgement or anger, simply a desire to protect and love them.

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