Cyber Bullying Stories: What We Learned from You

As we talk more and more about ways to prevent bullying, we also must face the many Cyber Bullying Stories out there that are tough to accept.

As we talk more and more about ways to prevent bullying, we also must face the many Cyber Bullying Stories out there that are tough to accept.  While I never personally experienced cyber bullying, I do know many who have.  While this happens with adults, it is most often found with tweens and teenagers.  We recently talked about Cyber Bullying Statistics and heard some of your own stories and thoughts we wanted to share here.

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I am kind of surprised about the percentage of teens who witness cyber bullying but only 50% do anything about it.

While I was reading your post my 17 year old happened to be here with me. I asked her if she’s ever witnessed it, she said yes. When I asked her if she intervened she said she did reply to the bully and told him or her how childish they were being.

Where Is Cyber Bullying Happening?  With the internet came a new form of bullying.  Hiding behind user names allows for anonymity that bullies love.  Social media has become more and more popular.  With Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and more becoming popular with kids and teens, there are many more instances of bullying happening.  Creating fake profiles to bully each other has become all too common.

Katrina  says:

it’s so easy to be mean online. you just have to type a few words, and hide behind a computer. It’s so sad how many people do that.

Is It Really Hurting Our Kids? Yes!  With social media being a way our kids connect with peers, cyber bullying has definitely become an issue that can leave them feeling singled out and alone.  It is also a place that things happen, are quickly deleted and your child is left feeling like nobody believes them.  Sadly, cyber bullying can often do more harm than any other.

Kim says:

My daughter has experienced this way too often, where this group of popular kids will send snapshots having fun to remind her that she is not part of the group, and was not invited. Very mean, and sneaky app for kids to use. I deleted this app. (speaking of Snapchat)

What Can We Do To Prevent This? Keep good communication with your kids.  Make sure they are aware of their own behavior hurting others but also that you are always there for them if they should be the target of cyber bullying.  Don’t allow social media accounts until your child has reached the appropriate suggested age or maturity level.

With these few cyber bullying stories,and many more out there, it is high time we start paying attention to this problem in society.  Work with your kids to make sure they know you are always there to help them no matter the situation.

 Do you have any cyber bullying stories to share with us? Tell us in the comments.

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20 thoughts on “Cyber Bullying Stories: What We Learned from You”

  1. We know a few people who have been cyber bullied and it is a sad affair. We take extra precautions with our kids at this age to ensure they don’t have a lot of unsupervised online time. But as they get older that won’t be as feasible. so it is definitely important to explain cyber bullying and how to handle it effectively.

  2. no one seems to have a fear of consequence anymore. we’ve spent so much time rewarding everyone we’ve forgotten that a healthy fear of a consequence does a world of good. i NEVER misbehaved on the bus- if i did, i knew i’d hear it from the bus driver, school AND my parents. wasn’t worth it, even had I wanted to. i think that’s why cyber bullying has ‘taken off’ so fast. people think they can do whatever with the anonymity of the internet- or just don’t care because they don’t fear a consequence.

  3. This is something I discuss with my teen all the time. We definitely need to teach our children to to react to cyberbullying and how to avoid it.

  4. SnapChat is awful – it gives kids the impression that anything they do/say will go away. When it happens online, it can really be there forever!

  5. I think the ease of being able to post without immediate consequences opens up some doors for those that want to bully. Thankfully, my boys haven’t experienced it and we have talked about cyberbullying as a family.

  6. It is all about communication considering that we live in such a close connection with the virtual reality , where we as parents can easily fall behind

  7. I thankfully haven’t experienced any cyber bullying with my children yet (they’re still on the young side), but sadly I know it will probably happen. Kids need to be told explicitly what is and what isn’t ok online, but not everyone is willing to do that.

  8. It’s really sad to see how widespread bullying is both online and off. I agree that talking with kids is the best thing we can do to try to fight the problem.

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