Are Bullying Victims More Likely To Drop Out Of School?

Are Bullying Victims More Likely To Drop Out Of School? We looked at the statistics and broke them down to answer this question about bullying consequences.

Are Bullying Victims More Likely To Drop Out Of School?  This is a question many parents face as they see their own children becoming the victim of bullying in school.  For many teens bullying can be so severe that the thought of leaving school is much better than the idea of having to continue the torture of being assaulted regularly.

Are Bullying Victims More Likely To Drop Out Of School?

Is there physical violence involved?  For many teens, when bullying becomes violent it is definitely a reason they are more likely to drop out of school.  This is especially true for boys.  As a young man grows up, if he isn’t able to defend himself it can be even harder on him emotionally.  Being unable to fight back not only damages his physical body, but can become very damaging to him emotionally.  It’s tough to show up in the locker room at school with a black eye from being bullied and know that everyone there realizes it’s because you couldn’t defend yourself.

Are there verbal assaults that include sexual accusations or rumors?  For both girls and boys it can be especially hard to face your peers when there are sexual accusations being thrown at you.  Whether it is a rumor that they have been more sexually active than is true, or that they are not sexually active and that is being used against them doesn’t matter.  A young adults sexuality can really become a point of concern when it comes to bullying.  Whether it is activity or orientation, this is another hard subject for teens to face and can often lead to them wanting to drop out of school.

Is there a lack of support from school staff? If your child has been continuously bullied at school, but the staff has done nothing to mediate the problem, it may be a reason they want to leave school.  Unfortunately, there are still schools that do not fully support our children when they are bullied.  Many schools want to stay out of what they consider personal issues with kids.  Staying out of the situation they feel will keep them from being responsible if something bad happens.  Sadly, that is far from the truth.

If your child is being bullied, there is a higher indication that they will at some point think about dropping out of school.  If their school has become a place that is no longer a safe haven, as a bullying victim they are more likely to drop out of school.

What do you think? Are bullying victims more likely to drop out of school? How can we help keep them in school while dealing with bullying?

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  1. This is such a hard topic. I was bullied a lot in high school due to the way I walk, along with choosing to have long hair and an earring in a small town in the 80s. The physical bullying stopped when I started fighting back, but zero tolerance rules take this option off the table now. I worry that the system put in place to protect kids from bullying also provides cover for bullies because they often will now face the same punishment as the kid they are bullying. I do think it can lead to kids dropping out of school for usre.

  2. I think bully victims are more likely to drop out of school. No child wants to feel unsafe and harassed every day at a place that is supposed to be helping them. I think a way to keep them in school is to let them know that you, as a parent, will be there to talk to if they ever need it. Let the school staff know what is happening. If the bullying is at a horrendous level, maybe switch schools to get the child away from the harassment.

  3. It makes me so sick thinking about what bullying issues kids today have to deal with. It terrifies me to think about what times will be like when my son is old enough to go to school!

  4. I think it depends… some kids may find escape in their learning or seek time with teachers to avoid bullies, but others may find the stress of the harassment interferes with their learning, so may fall behind and drop out. It’s definitely a Stat to pay attention to and help kids at risk.

  5. Bullying is a cancer in our schools, and I wish we could find a way to excise it. Unfortunately, it’s been going on for decades, it will probably continue. The worst part is that with social media, bullying has gone from hurting feelings to dismantling lives.

  6. I think that it does lead to less success and happiness in life either way – if they drop out or not. It’s so sad.

  7. Unfortunately I imagine bullying leads to dropping out. If there is no support from school staff to eliminate the bullying, I’m sure the families see no other option.

  8. Unfortunately, I really believe that bullying is a product of low self esteem. I say unfortunately, because the only way to remedy that is at home, and many times, kids with low self esteem are that way because of their home life. =(

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