Liability Of Schools For Bullying Consequences


As bullying has become a more prominent issue in our schools, the subject of Liability Of Schools For Bullying Consequences has become a factor to consider.  In recent news, a student is suing their high school for not effectively controlling a bullying situation.  Is this something that will become common?  Is it the school districts fault that bullying persisted?  Are we as parents liable more than the schools? Today we hope to talk about the concept of liability of schools for bullying consequences.


Should Schools Be Held Liable For The Effects Of Bullying On Campus?

In general this question should get a resounding answer of yes.  While schools cannot control every single event that happens on their campus, they are responsible for protecting the children within their grounds.  Not only are schools for education (their number one purpose), but they are a major factor in the emotional development of our children. If they are not protecting your children from the bully that exists in their classroom, they are not doing their job.

Can Schools Prevent Bullying?

This is a tough question to answer, because the answer is yes and no.  Yes, schools can prevent some instances of bullying by promoting anti bullying platforms, encouraging diversity in classrooms and no tolerance for bulling.  Yet they cannot in fact prevent all bullying.  Bullying happens outside school grounds, in hidden corners, online and in chat rooms as a result of classroom situations.  What schools can do is become active in educating staff and volunteers to spot signs of bullying, and to keep and open mind regarding methods of prevention.  If a school is actively working toward prevention and removing threats, then the liability of schools for bullying consequences will be a non issue.

Are Schools To Blame For The Increase In Bullying?

No.  While we would love to point the finger of blame in one direction, the increase in bullying is a result of many things.  The use of the Internet and the ability to anonymously bully someone is a huge factor in the increase of the last decade.  The continual push from media regarding what is acceptable and not acceptable in appearance has created a larger mass bullying and self esteem issue.  While some schools should be liable for their part in the lack of protection, they are not solely to blame for the increase in bullying.

The liability of schools for bullying consequences should be evaluated on a case by case basis.  A school that has been informed of a bullying issue on campus, yet does nothing to rectify the situation should be held accountable.  As a parent, you cannot expect a school to do everything to prevent your child from being bullied.  You also have a job of understanding your child, having good communication and being willing to get in touch with the authorities when necessary.  Yet, if you see that your school is not doing their part to help prevent further bullying, it is time to step up to the plate and make sure you let them and the district know it won’t be tolerated.

Do you think schools are to blame for the rise in bullying? Tell us in the comments.

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