Must-Know Facts About Bullying in Middle School Kids

These bullying facts for middle school kids will help you as their parent stay on your toes. Take the time to really reach out and communicate with your kids on a regular basis so they know you are there for them.

This year as you face children transitioning from grade school, consider these Bullying Facts For Middle School Kids. While they may have been safe from bullying until now, the time is here that it will quickly become a much harder thing to avoid. Start preparing your kids for the peer bullying they may face as they transition to a different school setting in middle school.

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Bullying Facts For Middle School Kids

Bullying is at its worst from ages 10-13. These years in middle school are in fact the hardest years for bullying. During this time period, children are beginning to develop and hit puberty. Along with the hormones, growth spurts and emotional challenges come peer pressure on every corner. Not fitting into a crowd can be tough by itself, but it is made even more difficult when so many children who don’t fit in end up being bullied. Remember to talk to your kids about accepting others, as well as work to build their confidence. Make sure your kids know if they are bullied to go to a teacher and you no matter what.

The middle school years are when most LGBT students begin having issues. This is one very specific part of the community that struggles the most during the middle school and teen years. As everyone around them is changing and going through puberty, they are often distraught at their feelings and how they don’t fit the mold of what is considered normal in society. Reach out to your child if you suspect they may be feeling this and let them know you love them and are there to support them.

Suicide in tweens is rising. Due to the bullying in the tween or middle school years worsening, we are also seeing more and more suicides of younger kids. This age is so volatile and important for feeling accepted in peer groups. Make sure to continually check in with your child and never hesitate to reach out to their doctor for help. Counseling throughout the middle school years is always a good choice, even if your child isn’t exhibiting anything of concern. A healthy understanding of emotions and how to cope is a great foundation that could easily prevent issues farther down the road.

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These bullying facts for middle school kids will help you as their parent stay on your toes. Take the time to really reach out and communicate with your kids on a regular basis so they know you are there for them.

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18 thoughts on “Must-Know Facts About Bullying in Middle School Kids”

  1. As a former Special Education Teacher I was constantly very vigilant about bullying and bullies and watched over my students when they were in the hallways, gym and lunchroom as that’s where the most problems would occur. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  2. I remember that the worst of the bullying I received was in middle school, kids can be so mean and find the smallest things to try and bring others down. Thanks for educating the masses and sharing this vital information to hopefully help prevent bullying!

  3. I was so shocked to realize that my daughter was dealing with bullying at an elementary level. I hate that I have to even think about preparing her for it even more in the future. Bullying is something that really needs to be exposed and stopped. Thanks for the facts to help make that happen.

  4. Seems like middle school is most prone to bullying, from my experience. It’s bad and worse if it carries over into high school.

  5. I do not look forward to when our six year old gets to the middle school years! He is a tough kid and I think we will be okay, if we prepare him. Thanks for these tips!!

  6. Great post, bullying is so real and it happened to my niece, she don’t want to go school so for now she’s home schooling

  7. It’s nice that we’re more aware of the threats that bullying can bring about. Before, parents never really cared unless it was their child getting hurt. We really have to put a stop to bullying and it starts at home.

  8. I have two grands in middle school and I’m really concerned about the bullying that goes on at their school. Thanks so much for this post and the information. I’m going to pass it along to their parents as well.

  9. Bullying is a big issue that must be addressed. I have no idea why some kids do this to other kids. Could it be that they do not have a happy household? Or is it a way to get attention? Whatever their reason is, parents of kids that bully other kids must be educated on the consequences of their child’s actions.

  10. My son just turned 11 and so far, we haven’t had any issues *knocks on wood*. Now that he’s going into grade 6, I’m nervous about the years ahead – the “puberty” years when everything will seem to change overnight.

  11. This is such a scary but important subject especially given all the horrible things happening in schools right now. So much pressure on kids and no guidance/discipline from parents of the bullies. Love your children. You are so lucky to have them.

  12. I just really hate what bullying has done to so many children. Even to me. Its been around since the beginning of time and seems no one knows how to stop it. But its just gone beyond a different point in today school. Thanks for the information.

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