Physical Bullying Facts You NEED to Know to Protect Your Child

These physical bullying facts are important for every kid and parent to know to help prevent bullying. Physical bullying can leave lifelong emotional scars.

When you are trying to share with someone about how horrible bullying is, these Physical Bullying Facts are great to have on hand to share with those non believers.  Unfortunately, many people in society still don’t believe us when we talk about how difficult bullying can be not only immediately, but in the long term.  These are just a few of the things to consider with physical bullying and how it can hurt your child long term.

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Physical Bullying Facts

Physical assault lingers not just in physical scars but emotional scars.  Yes, physical bullying can create literal physical scars depending on how violent it gets, but the real scars are the emotional ones that linger for years after the incident.  For boys this can be degrading and create long term fears or inability to defend themselves. In women, those scars will lead to them losing self-esteem, lacking confidence or even staying in an abusive relationship because they don’t feel they deserve better.

Physical bullying can cause physical reactions to circumstances.  A physical attack can often bring about psychological reaction.  Some victims of physical bullying will later find that music, locations, voices, sounds or even a raised hand will create a poor physical reaction as a result of the psychological trauma.  This can be fainting, vomiting, urinating on themselves and other embarrassing reactions.

Physical bullying often leaves physical scars that serve as constant reminders.  Bullying can often take a step beyond just initial pain.  In many cases, being physically bullied includes hitting, beating, kicking and in severe cases breaking bones.  When these things happen, not do they tear down the emotions of the victim, they create lasting physical scars.  Scars from cuts and scrapes, or scars from broken bones, broken noses or things that even needed surgical repair do not go away with time.  These physical bullying results are ones that linger and create problems later on.  Arthritis, joint pain and even further disabilities are all a part of the process post bullying.

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These are physical bullying facts that you need to get real about.  Bullying isn’t something kids just get over.  It’s not something adults just get over either.  Bullying of any kind can create long lasting issues for children and adults.  We as parents need to fight for stronger bullying laws and regulations within our schools.  We need to continue teaching our children about respect for each other and how nobody deserves to be bullied.  We have to make a stand before it gets even more out of hand than it already is.

Do you know of any other physical bullying facts that we missed? Share in the comments and help us stop bullying.

16 thoughts on “Physical Bullying Facts You NEED to Know to Protect Your Child”

  1. I think this is very important information to put out there for parents and kids! Bullying can affect children and their families on so many levels. Thanks for sharing this :)

  2. Bullying really can cause long-term effects for people. It’s awful when it’s not physical, but even worse when it is physical.

  3. There can be long term effects from any kind of bullying. I tell my kids every day to watch out for bullying and to stand up for anyone they see getting bullied. It is a terrible thing for kids.

  4. wow!! A couple of weeks ago, my daughter was being bullied a bit at school by another girl. My daughter kept telling her she couldn’t act like that and she didn’t make sense. I quickly got together with her mom to nip that to a quick end!

  5. It is terrible that children still have to deal with bullies. I hope one day we can send children to school without having to worry about things such as that.

  6. It’s unfortunate that being bullied is still a major issue for children. Knowing how to protect your child & other children is key.

  7. It’s such a sensitive subject for me because I’m from one of five kids and have seen lots of bullying to my siblings. Now that I have kids, I’m hyper aware.

  8. It is infact sad that kids act this way towards each other. Sometimes its what they see in the home or just a lot of built up feelings and no way to express them . I believe they should get help instead of scolding

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