Bullying Through The Years: How Do Methods Change As Kids Get Older?

Bullying Through The Years: How Do Methods Change As Kids Get Older?

We are discussing today – Bullying Through The Years: How Do Methods Change As Kids Get Older?  As kids get older, we our finding that trends in bullying change.  As we have become a society that is wrapped around social media, cyberbullying has definitely become more prevalent, but in general bullying does change as a child ages.  This is something we feel needs to be addressed so you as a parent can contain and work through the issues that may be present in your childs life as they grow up.  What worked when they were 5 years old will not always work when they are a teen.

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Maturity Brings Different Methods & Means Of Bullying

As a child grows up, they are exposed to more influences in their life.  While a boy or girl in kindergarten may be a bully by calling names like, “you are ugly” or “you are stupid”, a tween or teen will know things to cut even deeper.  They will go for specific things like, “your hair is dirty and gross”, or “your too fat for anyone to like you”.  With maturity, comes immaturity in some bullies.  The school yard bullies become abusers.  The name calling becomes personal and even more derogatory.

Age Brings Access To More TV, Internet and Electronics: 

One of the biggest factors in the change as kids get older, is what they have access to.  While we wish it wasn’t true, our children are definitely influenced by what they see on TV, read or see on the Internet or see on video games.  For most kids, it is a minor influence that is overcome by other positive things in their lives.  For some children however, the mentality of being a bully is already there, and these items feed that.  Sadly, cyber bullying is a great way for them to remain somewhat anonymous while still doing harm to the other child.

What Can You Do To Help? 

As a parent, you can continually educate your children on how to treat each others with respect.  No matter what the situation is, violence and/or bullying are never a resolution.  Make sure that your child isn’t becoming a bully by educating them on the consequences for themselves and the victim.  Also make sure to keep lines of communication open so that no matter what they experience, they always feel comfortable coming to you – no matter their age – to discuss and ask for help.

Bullying is a problem we sadly continue to face regularly.  As kids get older, methods do change and we must adapt as well as lead our children to become strong, but compassionate members of society.  Always staying on our toes and adapting to changes in society, social media and our kids behavior can go a long way toward preventing further break downs and problems as a result of bullying.

What are your thoughts on bullying through the years? Do you think things have changed a lot from when we were kids?

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