Bullied at Work? How Do You Deal With It

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Today we’re talking about how to deal with bullying at work, because kids aren’t the only ones who deal with bullies! We have all been in a work environment at one point or another where a coworker seemed to be the resident bully.  From mild to severe cases of bullying in the workplace, it can all effect our ability to do our job, self esteem and future job prospects.  How To Deal With Bullying At Work is something we want to cover here today in hopes of helping you succeed in your career and move forward.  While many would scoff at the concept, bullies in the workplace do exist and are more common than you would believe.


Avoid The Bully.  If you can do your job without interacting with the bully, then simply avoid contact with them as much as possible.  This could mean walking a different hall to your office, or bringing your lunch rather than going out with the office every day.  Simple steps to avoiding direct contact with your bully can help make your working situation easier to handle.

Change Shifts.  Do you work in a job that has multiple shifts on schedule?  If so this is a prime time to ask for a different shift.  Avoid working during times the bully is on shift.

Try To Talk It Out.  Perhaps you have done something without realizing you have offended the other party.  A simple confrontation to address the issues and clear the air can go a lot farther than other methods sometimes.  Choose a quiet and non stressful time to approach them and ask what problem they have with you and how you can fix or repair it.

Seek Out Management.  While this would be your initial instinct, it is often best to wait until you have tried to fix the rift before seeking your manager.  Make notes about what has happened that has left you feeling bullied and make sure you are clear when speaking to management. Ask for help in resolving the problem, or relocation at your job to avoid it from getting out of hand.

As adults we struggle more to deal with bullies than children do at times.  It isn’t easy to stand up and confront someone you feel is attacking you in the workplace.  Knowing how to deal with bullying at work can often be a tricky situation.  Make sure that you have taken a step back and looked at the whole picture.  Examine what you can do to change the relationship and if nothing else works, then go to your manager for help to change the situation.

While most of our top bullying tips tend to deal with situations involving kids, it’s still an excellent resource to help you in the workplace as well.

Have you ever had to deal with bullying at work? How did you handle it?

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11 thoughts on “Bullied at Work? How Do You Deal With It”

  1. Yes. It wasn’t fun. Being the newbie on staff. The youngest. It was hard. To be honest, I ‘tattled’ and told my boss (principal). That seemed to help a bit. :)

  2. My son was recently bullied at school, it is not a fun thing to deal with. I could not imagine it in the workplace. I think this needs to be shared with our HR director!

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