International Stand Up to #Bullying Day: Join the movement

My family experienced bullying. It was a terrible situation that we had to deal with. My son was bullied for over 2 years. He was experiencing moral abuse from several students. We stood up to this situation. We fought for him. We met with the school staff, we discussed with other parents. We did everything we can to help him.

It is better now, but some damage is done. He is still excluded from parties, games. He is still ignored but some of his classmates. He does not seem to care about it anymore. Luckily one friend helped him through his journey. He fought for him when he was hurt and abused. This friend is the best thing that happened to him.

Unfortunately, my son is not the only child bullied. Everyday, I read in the paper, I watch it in the news: Every day, a child is abused. A child is experiencing bullying. Some children overcome these situations. Others commit suicide.

What is bullying

It is a harmful action with the intention to hurt another person. It can be moral abuse (exclusion) or physical abuse. These actions are continuous. They are harmful. They hurt the feelings!

How can you help

Today is the International Stand Up to Bullying Day.

  • You can wear pink to support this day
  • You can discuss with your child about bullying
  • You can discuss with your child’s friends and show them the difference between bullying and teasing
  • You can discuss with the school staff, teachers, parents.
  • Tweet about it
  • Share it on other social media accounts.

Let’s fight for our children. Let’s help them live their childhood in peace. Stand up to Bullying. Let’s fight this silent epidemic. You can also vote for us for BlogHer Voice of the year to stand up to this epidemic.

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