Girl Bullying: How Does it Affect Your Daughter’s Self Esteem?


As parents we worry every day about how our children will grow up, and how our own choices will shape their lives. One of the toughest places we can be in as a mom or dad is the position of dealing with Girl Bullying And Self Esteem. Building a strong sense of self worth in our daughters is so important these days. Not only have incidents of girl bullying increased in recent years, but the consequences on women’s futures have changed drastically. It’s no longer a point of simple lack of high school boyfriend and acceptance but a potential for abuse to be carried on throughout their adult lives as well. (Read my bullying story). It is time to stop the cycle.


Sadly we are seeing more and more young women feeling bad about themselves due to various forms of girl bullying as they grow and mature. From the societal standards pushed upon women today, to the peer groups that may make fun of or exclude our daughters – we are fighting targeted girl bullying more now than ever.

Examples Of Common Girl Bullying:

  • Exclusion From Group Activities. Whether it is the lunch table or a group headed out to the mall, exclusion from the group can be one of the most common ways another person is bullied. Sometimes their personalities just don’t fit, but when it is done so purposely to put them down, then it is definitely a form of bullying.

  • Making Fun Of Clothing Or Appearance. This happens regularly to girls who are from lower income homes and are unable to wear the latest brands, or to those who don’t fit the societal mold of pretty. Whether it’s hair color, makeup or lack of, weight or chest size, girl bullying about appearance is one of the most widely recognized forms of peer abuse. This study shows that overweight children get bullied more often.

  • Playing Jokes That Harm The Victim Emotionally. Whether it be a compliment used to insult, a prank call or even the old trick of having the “hot guy” ask them out on a fake date – girls can often play mean jokes on each other. This form of bullying often leads to the victim hiding in the crowd to avoid being acknowledged. There is a difference between Teasing and bullying

  • Befriending Them Just To Publicly Humiliate Them Later. We have all seen this happen and it is often the most hurtful thing a peer can do. Being included in a group or one on one friendship only to have that friend turn their back on you publicly just to hurt you. This is a common method of girl bullying in many social circles. Friendship bullies are the worst. 

How To Repair The Damage:

  • Build Up Good Self Esteem. Make sure to always help your daughter see herself in a good light. Don’t encourage bad self image at home. Set a good example of how you view yourself and negate bad thoughts by showing her they are wrong.

  • Invest In Her Strengths. If she is strong in sports, the arts or communication in other areas make sure you are doing everything you can to invest in those strengths. Encourage her to excel in those areas and always build her up in front of others.

  • Have An Open Door Policy. Make sure she knows you won’t judge her thoughts or words and will always be there for her no matter what. Have an open door policy for your home so at any time your children can come to you and share their fears and frustrations without worry.

Unfortunately the effect of girl bullying and self esteem often go on for many years past the initial bullying instance. To ensure your child has a strong view of themselves, make sure you are building them up and encouraging them regularly.

For more bullying information, visit our Stop Bullying Tips article.

Have you ever dealt with girl bullying? Share your tips in the comments!

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  1. This is a great post. I can see how it would tear down a girl. My daughter is so sensitive to any negative remark that a bully would wreck havoc on her.

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