Fun Online Games That Fight Bullying

Fun Online Games That Fight Bullying Finding fun online games that fight bullying is a great way to help your kids get ready for school. As we are heading into the new school season, we have to face the fact that our children may be subject to or witnesses of bullying in the classroom.  This year help educate your children while they play by introducing them to some Fun Online Games That Fight Bullying.  Not only can these great games reach kids who don’t want to have serious talks, they can prove to impact the entire community.


PBS Kids It’s My Life:  This site is chock full of great games and activities for younger kids but we absolutely love the fact that they have the game It’s My Life that is set up to help kids understand bullying.  Not only will it teach your younger children what to look for, but it also shows them how to report bullying to adults and teachers. Crossword Puzzle Game & What Happen’s Next Games are both fun games that educate without feeling preachy.  Helping kids recognize what words are associated with bullying gives them a vocabulary to use when it comes time to report an incident to the adults in their lives.

Nickelodeon’s Are You Cyber Bullying Savvy?  What better way to reach your kids than by using a well known name from pop culture.  Nick has become one of the most widely recognized names in the entertainment industry and now they are presenting awesome online games that fight bullying.  Your kids will love seeing familiar faces, names and logos as they play this educational game.

Pacer Kids Against Bullying:  This well known organization in the fight against bullying has created a wonderful interactive game for kids.  Full of quotes and video from child celebrities against bullying, it is a great place to encourage kids to speak out.

This year face the challenge of bullying in schools with the aid of fun online games designed to teach and encourage children to speak out against this crime.  Not only are the games a fun way to teach the kids, they will enjoy them as a great way to pass the time.  Encourage your kids to use their spare game time wisely with these quality online games that fight bullying instead of the typical video game.

Looking for more information? Check out our bullying tips for prevention!

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5 thoughts on “Fun Online Games That Fight Bullying”

  1. Nevaeh Leeann Gregory

    I have been bullied alot of times in my life since 2012 i was in school and it started when i got into school first we were all at recess and i had asked everyone to play with me but the kept on saying that no and they were doing something else. So ever since 2020 i had moved to Brewton AL and i go to middle school here so back in march or when ever i started there. When i first went to my class i was super shy and i really did not want people staring at me so i was covering myself with my backpack and the other kids just kept on giving me looks like im dumb or they did not even know me. After school i got on the bus that was not the bus that i was supposed to be on but i went on anyway so when i was just sitting by myself as i wanted to and these group of 6 graders were destracting me so i went to say something as i should have not and it was something they did not like i guess so i ever since then after i got back in school them same kids were giving me looks that i did not like but i never said anything. So i went to sit with my classmates at lunch and i guess they were having trouble about where they wanted to sit so i asked my teacher if i could move to one of the round tables beside them and she said yes so i did and that is where i have been sitting ever since. So i guess since there was a half of 6th graders on one side of the lunch room and 5th graders on the other i had to watch where ever i looked so i did not get distracted by anyone because i was still a little new to the school then and then there was this autistic boy that sat at the other circled table behind me so i went to ask him if i could sit with him and he said ¨Sure¨ so i did and i made sure from my teacher and she let me. So one day when i was in Math class i had asked my teacher if i could go use the restroom and she said yes also so i went and there was the same ol people and some others that were standing all around me and when i went to go in the restroom there were two girls in there and they were all like running away from me and even the kids outside the restroom were all laughing so i got tired of it and i did not want to go in there then so i went back to my classroom and i still felt shy and i did not expect any of that to happen so when i got back to my desk i got really sad and emotional and started to cry and i was not trying to be loud and then my teacher kept on saying ¨Start working¨ but i understood that and i was trying to tell her what went on outside by the restroom so she said she would so something about it BUT SHE NEVER DID!!!. So i told my mom about all of that mess in school after i got on the right bus. So ever since then i have learned from my parents that after this really really bad virus stops they would think about sending me back to school that if the students try to pick on me again just look at them and smile and then walk away and do not worry about them. So i am thinking that if people do not want to start over and keep on disrespecting me the way they do as my classmates then i do not needs friends because they never really helped me that much anyway. So when i go back i am gonna try to start over by asking my teachers if i could go around and ask people if they need help with their work if i know how to do that kind of work they give us. So if i do that then they i hope think well we can help her to and be nice please about it.

  2. Elizabeth Matthiesen

    I am so happy that these days so much more is being done about bullying – it’s nasty and despicable. One of my daughters was bullied at school and it was a really tough time for her. The problem was eventually solved when the bully was put in another class.

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