Startling Facts about the Relationship Between Teenage Suicide & Bullying

These startling teenage suicide bullying facts will definitely encourage you to get involved in efforts to stop bullying in your community.

These Teenage Suicide Bullying Facts may surprise you, but they are necessary to help you understand what your child may be facing  While teens aren’t always at risk of suicide, you can be aware of the statistics as well as the common issues that arise.  Being educated helps you to know what to watch for as your teen goes through common issues of life.  You can only protect them from so much, but at least these facts will help you to become more aware.

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Teenage Suicide Bullying Facts

Bullying victims are 5 times more likely to commit suicide.  Bullying leaves lasting impressions on its victims.  Those who are bullied for their appearance, sexual orientation or financial status are more likely to consider suicide than other bullying victims.

Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in teens.  Unfortunately accidents and homicide are the only other causes of death that beat out suicide in teens.  As all three are needless reasons to die, it is even more depressing that teens would consider ending their own life.  This teenage suicide bullying fact is more disturbing than any others.

For every successful suicide, there are at least 100 more attempts.  While statistically suicide kills many, the number of teen who attempt suicide is astounding.  Swallowing pills, drinking poison, slicing wrists and hanging are common ways that teens attempt to end their own life.  Thankfully many of these incidents are halted or prevented by parents and loving friends that interfere in time.

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At least 30% of kids in high school are being bullied each day.  Since nearly one third or more kids are being bullied, the chances of having a high percentage of suicide rates is unbelievable.  One in every 3 kids in your son or daughters classroom has been bullied.  Most likely at least one of those 3 have likely considered suicide.

Your children are surrounded by pain, bullying, victims and depression.  These teenage suicide bullying facts are startling, but something you must be aware of.  Not only can and should you be working hard to make sure your children are happy and healthy, you can reach out to their friends as well.  Focus on being a person and place of encouragement to the youth in your kids lives.  From being the carpool mom, to the house the kids can crash at after the game you can make sure that not only your teens, but their friends have safe place to come to.  Make sure to be their friend, while being responsible and firm.  You can easily give them a chance to have someone who will listen, support and love them.

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24 thoughts on “Startling Facts about the Relationship Between Teenage Suicide & Bullying”

  1. This scares me so much. I just read an article about a girl who bullied her boyfriend into committing suicide. Awful and senseless. Hopefully bullying will be something people take action on more often now that they know the impact it can have.

  2. This makes me so scared to have my children grow up. I just hope that I can know how to best handle these types of situations!

  3. Sabrina @ Dinner, then Dessert

    Bullying is such a terrible experience for a child to go through! We need to do everything we can to stop it!

  4. I can’t believe these stats. What is wrong with today’s world where this happens. I just pray that my kids don’t have to deal with this and if they do, that they come to us

  5. It’s quite scary how high the stats are for teenage suicide. It’s a big struggle for our kids now, something that needs to be discussed with them, because it is very real and it can happen even to a kid you think is doing fine.

  6. This is heart breaking. I did not realize these stats were that bad. As a mom with a young one that will eventually be a teen, I am taken aback.

  7. Suicide is such a touchy topic. My sister tried to kill herself when she was like 12 and then again at 25ish. She never wanted people to intervene, but thank God they found her each time.

  8. This is such an important issue that needs so much awareness. Bullying can sometimes lead to disaster & thats the reason why you always need to communicate with your kids to overcome it.

  9. I have experienced it with my daughter (bullying) . And my bff’s son who is her age lost his bff to suicide. SO SO SO sad.

  10. Bullying is an act that is often neglected by many, thinking that the person being bullied can just “suck it up”, but really it should be taken very seriously. I wish we had more people who cared about this. It all starts at home.

  11. Hi Katie,

    Scary stats. Thank you for bringing awareness to this serious issue. This is why it’s so important we communicate with our teens. We never know if their withdrawals, mood swings or behavior issues may be a cover-up for something terrible like bullying.

    Sharing this to spread the word.


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