Galvanized Souls Fight Bullying With New Release Video Carry On


As we navigate today’s culture and how to combat bullying in our schools and businesses, we are always thrilled to see celebrities and those with a larger voice getting involved.  This week we are excited to share with you that Galvanized Souls Fight Bullying With New Release Video Carry On.  Not only is the message of this song powerful for everyone to hear, it is an amazing step forward toward catching the attention of people of all ages.  Fighting against bullying, and fighting for victims is what we are passionate about.  Not only do we wish to continue educating our readers, but we want to entice them to share as well.

Galvanized Souls Fight Bullying With New Release Video Carry On

Galvanized Souls is a great independent band that is full of energy for fighting this crime.  Based in Southern California, they have watched in their own communities how bullying has effected its victims.  This is a great step toward everyone becoming more involved in fighting against the hatred and pain.  Whether it is a 5 year old boy dealing with bullying in school, or a 50 year old woman in a work environment fighting against office bullies the song is the same.

With the release of Galvanized Souls new video Carry On, we hope to see more and ore of our students worldwide joining the effort to rally behind the victim instead of the bully.  Looking a victim in the eye to face their pain, fear and the lack of justice will open your eyes to how others fight daily for peace in their lives.  Not all victims are obvious.  Bullying happens no matter your age, race, size or sex.  Bullying is a force that we are fighting against.

Head over to Vimeo today to check out this great new release video and see how Galvanized Souls fight bullying through the power of music:

Galvanzized Souls Carry On

Not only do you need to watch and listen, but we ask that you share this movement with your friends, family and social media circles.  The farther we get the message out – the more successful our campaign against bullying will be.  We are so thankful to see another great group out there fighting against this crime in our society today.  Galvanized Souls Fight Bullying in the form of a great music video that you are sure to enjoy, and will easily be able to impact the world around you with. Remember how we talked about bullying videos on social media and how they help the fight? This is a prime example!

Visit our Stop Bullying Tips to find out more ways that you can help.

What are your thoughts on musicians getting involved to fight bullying?

This post is not sponsored. We share it as part of our passion to raise awareness about bullying.

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