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In a recent article of the Bendingo Advertiser in Australia the subject of state and government involvement in anti-bullying strategies came to our attention. Anti-Bullying Campaign Grants Subsidized By Government are nothing new to the US or other countries fights against childhood victimization.  While there are not many federal grants currently in the US that are specifically for anti-bullying, there are a tremendous number of grants that can be used for anti-bullying campaigns.  Since many of you may be looking for more resources to help in your local community to fight against bullying we decided to share some of these grant opportunities with you today.


As we stated, these are not all government grants, and none are specifically labeled for anti-bullying causes, but they are grants that could potentially cover your needs.  Whether you are creating a local group to encourage diversification in a community, better support within schools or to fight against an existing bullying problem, these should be a great place for you to start in your search for monetary assistance.

Pacers Foundation:  This site has links to various grant opportunities that are excellent for helping your community develop programs to prevent and fight bullying.  While they have specific anti-bullying campaign grants, they also include grants to educate kids about health, obesity and drug or alcohol abuse.

National Institute of Mental Health:  This program is dedicated to caring for those with mental illnesses.  As statistics show that many bullies as well as their victims will suffer from a mental illness of some kind, the grants and programs available under the NIMH umbrella are excellent for helping those in your community.  Not only can you put into place proper screening and prevention, but you can help those who have been traumatized by bullying already.

U.S. Department Of Education:  Sometimes in school programs are the best way to prevent bullying from happening in our classrooms.  The U.S. Department of Education has some great anti-bullying campaign grants opportunities that can be used for increased extra curricular programs that can help create a tolerant atmosphere within your school district.  Not only is there potential for future programs to prevent bullying, but there are great opportunities for in school recovery or alternate resources to allow healing.

SAMHSA:  If substance abuse is at the root of a bullying problem, this is a great program that can provide your community with an outreach program to help prevent further abuse.  Education about substance abuse, programs to prevent further abuse and resources to help those who have been victims in the past heal.  While bullying isn’t always a result of substance abuse in the bully, it is often found that bullies themselves are victims of parental abuse as a result of substance abuse.

SPRC:  The Suicide Prevention Resource Center is an excellent direction to go when seeking help for post bullying issues.  Not all victims will have suicidal thoughts, but many do on a regular basis.  Having a support group and proper education in place should these issues arise is very important in healing and recovery from the bullying and abuse process.

Safe Schools Healthy Students:  In an effort to prevent violence in schools after the aftermath of the multiple school shootings in recent years, this program has stepped up with many programs to help your school be safer.  Not focused on anti-bullying campaign grants specifically, but overall safety of your students, SSHS provides education and resources for students, teachers and parents.  This is a great place to go for proper training and education on how to deal with bullies in the school system.

While not all of these listed have extensive grant opportunities, they do offer both financial and educational help to begin programs in your community and school.  Anti-Bullying Campaign Grants Subsidized By Government are not commonplace, but if you think outside the box you can find great alternatives to serve the purpose.  Focus on education and prevention within the classroom and schools.  For most schools, communities and individuals anti-bullying campaigns begin with small steps and tons of education.  You can make a difference in your community and school even if you have limited resources.

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Do you know of any anti-bullying campaign grants we may have missed? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. I’m an advocate for anti bullying and differences.My children’s books and plush are wrapped in paw print ribbon and cellophane. They have wonderful moral messages!!! I want to read at schools and events to better the world!!!
    Maureen McGrath

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