Effective Ways to Combat Cyber Bullying


Today we are sharing, effective Ways to Combat Cyber Bullying. Cyber bullying is one of the most horrifying things your kid can go through . They can quickly find themselves ostracized at school, socially challenged and severely depressed. Teen suicide has risen a great deal and many feel that cyber bullying has played a part. The truth is, cyber bullying is a relatively new phenomenon. This generation of kid has been raised with the computer, social media and constant connection to the world at large at his fingertips. It is no small wonder that this problem would show it’s head with our kids.

How then do we fight this problem? What do we do to combat cyber bullying on the whole? The best tips prevent it from happening in the first place. Here are some of the best ways to combat cyber bullying in today’s world.

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How to Effectively Combat Cyber Bullying

 Be informed and then inform your kid

If you bury your head in the sand on this problem, you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed. You have to get out there and learn what is happening. Learn about Facebook, Twitter and the latest and greatest among the teen set. Know what they are doing with their free time and immerse yourself to stay informed. You might be surprised at what your child is actually doing if you are not watching closely. You need to inform yourself and then make sure your kid knows what is going on too. Some kids, though rare, are not aware of how quickly social media can mushroom out of control.

 Keep it all public

It is tough, but you need to keep your computers, tablets, phones and so on off limits in the bedroom. Kids are going to fight you on this at every turn, but having them out in the living room with mom, dad and the siblings nearby will keep the from doing some things. Not all things, mind you, but some.

Establish boundaries and trust

A kid that can go to their parents is a kid very unlikely to be affected cyber bullies. Cyber bullies want to find those kids that are alone and that have no support system. They want the easy victims that are going to react like they wish. A strong child that has no problem going to their parents with a problem will be a tough target.

So how do you get that trust?

First you have to be clear about expectations. You make it extremely clear what the rules are. Once you do, you let them know the repercussions of breaking those rules. From that point, you trust them until they give you a reason not to. Most of all, you have to respect their privacy…even when it hurts. That is hard and only the strongest parents can do it at first. The moment you feel like drugs, sex or other dangerous things are involved, you do what you have to do. Until they give you a reason to distrust, however, you should give them some space to learn and grow.

Cyber bullying will always be there in some form or another, so the best you can do is combat cyber bullying at home. Do this by helping your child be powerful, positive and quick to bend your ear. This is a child that will have the tools to avoid such bullies when they do show up.

Do you have any other tips to combat cyber bullying? Share in the comments!

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  2. I think the tip to keep it all public is so key. There’s so much shame and embarrassment that comes with being victim that I think it’s really important to hear support from someone you trust.

  3. Thank you for this. My son just started school so even though cyber bullying may be a little ways away yet, physical bullying has already started. It’s one of my worst fears for my children.

  4. Bullying in any form is awful. I really will try my hardest not to give my kids (they’re still young) access to their own cells/tablets until they are much older. And when that happens, I will definitely put every monitor there possible. (My husband and I will have to be the biggest monitors, of course!)

  5. My daughter can barely read due to a brain injury, so thankfully, I have quite a few years to deal with this but I have to worry about bullying in real life right now since she is physically and cognitively disabled.

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