Are Obesity And Bullying Related?

Are Obesity And Bullying Related?  Find out! |

As we attempt to learn more about why people become bullies or victims, we must face that some medical issues play a part in this epidemic.  Are Obesity And Bullying Related?  Most definitely!  On both ends of the spectrum you must look at reports of the health concerns around bullying and accept that obesity can create a bully or a victim.  Not only are these intertwined in the bullying issues we experience, they have been reported to be two of the most prominent health issues in children today. So yes, it’s safe to say obesity and bullying are related.

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When you accept the facts that these obesity and bullying are at the top of the list in polls done by professionals, you have to also accept the fact that they are closely connected.  Not only can we see easily how an obese child could become a victim of bullying, we see how a bully could be an obese child trying to hide their self esteem issues by making others feel badly.

Can being obese create a bully?  When you look at the reasons that people become bullies, poor self esteem and depression are on the top of the list.  Anger and depression from being overweight and not fitting in could easily lead a child to pick on other kids in order to make themselves feel more superior.  When a child has low self esteem due to their appearance or anger they could very quickly gravitate toward bullying others as a means of coping.

Can being obese make you a target of bullying?  Those commonly bullied tend to fall into groups that are not physically or socially like the other children.  Being obese as a child is a definite mark against you in societal groups.  This puts you as an outsider more often than not and easily makes you a target of bullying.

The combination of obesity, low self esteem, depression and anger in a child can create an issue on both sides of the bullying epidemic.  As a parent it is our job to not only work with our child to improve their health, but to teach them that hurting others is not a means of coping.  If you believe your child is a bully or a victim of bullying due to obesity, it is time to step in and make changes in their lives.  Talk to them.  Get them nutritional counseling.  Seek out professional counseling to help with self worth, depression and anxiety issues.  Don’t take a chance of your child becoming the next target of bullying.

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