Anti-Bullying Facts to Help Your Mission to Stop Bullying

Use these anti-bullying facts to help you shed light on the problem of bullying in communities and drive others to stand up and fight this ongoing epidemic.

Have you wondered how you could crusade for your kids safety in regards to bullying?  These Anti-Bullying Facts are simply pieces of information used to help you convinced those in your community that bullying is a legitimate problem our children face today.  Not only must we equip our children with a positive outlook that will help them to cope should they be bullied, we must prepare our community, teachers, family and friends by making them understand this isn’t something happens every now and then, but something that happens on a regular basis in our schools.

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Anti-Bullying Facts

Over 3 million students are victims of bullying within their schools each year.  This number does not include the bullying that takes place in community programs, sports leagues outside of school, within the family or even in churches.  Bullying can also happen in the work place as well as amongst adult peer groups.  Bullying manages to hurt millions of people on an annual basis. This is not a problem that only hurts a handful of people here and there anymore. It is at epidemic proportions.

1 in 4 teachers witness bullying and don’t think they need to intervene.  The majority of teachers in our schools are not only without training for dealing with bullying, they don’t believe they need it. Many teachers don’t see acts of verbal or physical bullying as something to be that worried about.  It is often overlooked or ignored by staff, and then results in further issues arising.  As we advocate against bullying with anti-bullying laws and information in the community, we are impacting how are teachers are required to deal with these instances.

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Over 70% of students polled say there is a bullying problem in their school.  Nearly 3/4 of our students see bullying in their schools often enough to consider it a problem.  If that many of our children recognize it, why aren’t we?  As adults, parents, community volunteers, teachers, aids, school administration and medical professionals in our communities it is our job to lead and guide our children, as well as protect them.  To protect them means to prevent bullying from happen when at all possible.

Here are the anti-bullying facts we need to see.  Bullying is an epidemic in our society and needs to stop.  With millions of victims and nearly 3/4 of our students seeing it as a prevalent issue in their own school, it is high time we stood up for our children and made changes.  Anti-bullying laws, regulations and school codes should be enforced for our children and their safety.

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27 thoughts on “Anti-Bullying Facts to Help Your Mission to Stop Bullying”

  1. I’m really shocked at how bad the problem is — don’t remember it being this bad when I was young.

  2. Unfortunately I’m not surprised by these facts, bullying is a topic that is long needed to be discussed. I’m happy it’s finally on the table. I bring it up every year, multiple times so that no child at my children’s school gets left in the dark on the subject.

  3. Chrissy Mazzocchi

    Bullying has gotten so out of control to where the parents are bullying too. I wish it would stop!

  4. Such a great post which is very much informative as well. I think kids need a better guidance on dealing with such shameful act. Its very shocking that almost 3 Million are victims every year in schools.

  5. Wow that is a high number of people being bullied. And that’s just the ones reported, right? It could be even higher.Rosey

  6. Those polls are very telling. Bullying is such a big problem. So much more needs to be done by teachers and parents.

  7. Do teachers think they don’t need to intervene or realize that if they do, their jobs could be on the line? All too often we are hearing of teachers getting fired for breaking up fights and confronting bullies. Maybe our laws need to change to protect the teachers so they don’t have to fear losing their job when dealing with the bullies.

  8. I know as kids we used to get bullied back in the day: My solution was to defend myself and not be the victim. I think we also need to teach kids to stand up for themselves and not become victims. Bullies will usually leave you alone if you don’t succumb to them. Schools need to do better as well. I tell my kids that if they ever feel bullied to tell me right away. I will go deal with that kid myself if I have to.

  9. I didn’t know that as many as 1 in 4 teachers don’t feel the need to intervene. You would think that teachers would try their best to make their students feel safe and welcome.

  10. Unfortunately, bullying is so common these days that parents need to arm themselves with information in order to protect their children. Hopefully, education will help to eradicate it.

  11. Bullying hits so close to home and I’m so tried of it. The statistics aren’t shocking at all, it’s so sad. More needs to be done and soon.

  12. Tiffany Steadman-COllins

    Seeing the statistics did not scare me sadly. I witness bullying on a regular basis both at the school I work in and also at my son’s school. Sad thing is it not left at school always and be very frustrating and damaging for the ones being bullied.

  13. An anti bullying opinion… parents should not allow their kids on social media. This is one of the worse places where kids can be bullied so parents should say ‘no’ to social media.

  14. Unfortunately, I am not shocked by this statistic. And the worst are the silent bullies because very few people even see it happening. This is definitely a problem that both parents and teachers need to work on together.

  15. I think bullying is more prevalent nowadays. I don’t remember the issue being so big. The kids at my nephew’s school are incredibly materialistic and quick to pick on any differences. They can be so CRUEL.

  16. I moved all out the bullies out of my daughters class at the beginning of the school year. For the first time in two years, it’s been a peaceful year.

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