Get Your Community Involved To Stop Bullying

Get Your Community Involved To Stop Bullying |

With bullying becoming a hot topic all over in recent years, it has become much easier to Get Your Community Involved To Stop Bullying.  Not only are there great resources out there to help you know how to begin, the knowledge these days makes it easier to encourage others to get involved.  Creating a local community environment that desires to protect victims of bullying and stop it from happening again is a great way to fight back.


Work with your local School District to have Rallies & Promotions: 

Whether it is the selling of stop bullying ribbons, magnets, badges or stickers that are anti-bullying, or a school district wide carnival focused on preventing and stopping bullying, your school district is the place to begin.  Some schools will be highly involved and can provide help and means to make these things happen. Other schools may provide a location, but leave all organizing and fund raising up to you.

Create a local support group for kids and teens 

Do you have a local community center, boys and girls club or other non profit organization that would allow you to hold meetings?  Creating a local support group for kids and teens can allow others to get involved easily.  Outside organizations in the community provide a freedom that school districts often cannot.

Seek local fund raising opportunities

Many areas have chain restaurants like Chick Fil A that allow for promotion nights to raise money for good causes.  A promotion to raise funds for bullying prevention and awareness is a great way to help get your community involved to stop bullying.  If they don’t already know about your fight against bullying, a public campaign will bring awareness to the forefront.

Use your acquaintances, friendships and knowledge of the local community to start building a campaign against bullying.  By working alongside prominent members of your community, you can build a larger reach of impact. Not only will this help get your community involved to stop bullying, but it will raise awareness to new individuals who were previously unaware of the impact bulling has on our students and children.

Check out all our tips to stop bullying for more ways to get your community involved!

How do you get your community involved to stop bullying? Share your ideas in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Get Your Community Involved To Stop Bullying”

  1. As a child who was bullied I have to say these are great tips. I’d just add that those who are bullied should be able to know when they are being bullied and not feel like they’re just weak and can’t speak up for themselves. I can remember feeling like I just happened to run into girls who were “stronger” or more “together” than me. I wish I’d known then what bullying really was and that it was actually a tactic of the weak and broken.

  2. I never thought of bullies until I got a child! Seeing all those kids that ends up taking up their lives due to bullying is scary now that I’m a mother. Raising awareness is very important. Those ideas are really good!

  3. Bullying is awful – several young people in my county have taken their lives over recent years due to bullying. I worry about my children. Thank you for raising awareness. Kaz x

  4. I really wish bullying wasn’t so prevalent–and for the life of me I can’t figure out why it is getting worse instead of better. It wasn’t this bad when I was young–there was some sure-but not like today!

  5. These are great ideas for getting you community involved in stopping bullying. I love the idea of having a fundraiser for “Stop Bullyi with selling bracelet and key chains for this amazing cause. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Bullying is absolutely getting worse. It’s so terrible, if I see it I step right in. My kids dealt with it and I removed them from school because it seems no one will do anything.

  7. sharon phillips

    I think it’s just horrible the way kids are bullied today. Worst off they get away with it so many times.

  8. Kids can be so mean!!! I had to wear a patch on my eye when I was super little & had no friends in kindergarten because people bullied me. Thankfully that all went away the following year when I didn’t have to wear the patch anymore… But ughhhh… I feel for kiddos dealing with it! Kids and people can suck :-/

  9. Thank you for encouraging people to help stop bullying. When I was a teacher for 18 years I had a very strict anti-bullying policy. I might not have been the strictest teacher in many ways, but did not tolerate any bullying at all.

  10. Bullying is such a sad thing and I wish we lived in a world where it didn’t exist! I’m so glad it’s becoming more and more noticed and people are working together to stop it!

  11. Bullying is such a problem today. There were always mean kids in school, but it’s gotten much worse. Standing up to it as a community is a great idea.

  12. Not just kids, but young adults get bullied. Last night, my daughter was bullied. And why? Because she chose not to do the ice bucket challenge. Not because she doesn’t think it’s a great cause, she does, but she chose not to as she had already donated money at an event over the weekend and didn’t feel the need to add her video to all the others that are out there. My daughter volunteers at numerous places and gives money (and she doesn’t have much).

    When I spoke up on her behalf, this same person tried to bully me – a parent.

    I am so sick and tired of people getting away with this atrocious, unacceptable behaviour whether it be in person or via social media.

    Thank you for all your posts regarding bullying.

    1. I hate to hear she (and you) were bullied about that. I too have actually chosen not to do the challenge but to simply donate directly to the a chosen ALS charity.

      You have a lot to be proud of in your daughter! That she already volunteers and donates to help others is something to be proud of and acknowledge her for. Let her know we are proud of her too!

      Bullying has become so acceptable in adults it is disguting. I see it every day in the online world and I hate it. It’s part of why I am so glad to write here about how to deal with it. Thank you for reading!

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