6 Great Cyberbullying Books for Teens & Parents


Worried about how you'll handle cyber bullying if it happens to your child? Check out our picks for the six must-read cyberbullying books for teens!

f you are a concerned parent, educator or even victim, this list of 6 Great Cyberbullying Books are perfect for you to check out.  Not only do you have great educational information on the effects of cyberbullying, you have tips on how to prevent it.  Choose one of all of these books as great resources to help you overcome cyberbullying in your community or family.


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Cyberbullying & Cyberthreats:Responding To TheChallenge Of Online Social Aggression, Threats and Distress – This great book is perfect for helping you know how to handle cyberbullying after the fact.  This can help educators and parents navigate how to help their children, as well as learn how to prevent future cyberbullying events from occurring.

Cyberbullying & Cyberthreats 6 Great Cyberbullying Books

Bullying & Cyberbullying: What Every Educator Needs To Know  – Geared toward educators, this is also an excellent resource for parents as well.  Tons of information on how to recognize warning signs of abuse or an abuser.  This can help you prevent bullying from beginning or even continuing.

Bullying & Cyberbullying 6 Great Cyberbullying Books

Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard: Preventing and Responding To Cyberbullying – This book includes great resources on how to put a plan in action for reporting and dealing with cyberbullying.  It also helps break down the various types of cyberbullying and their effects.  It takes a great educated and medical view of bullying and how it happens and what it dos.

Bullying Beyond The Schoolyard 6 Great Cyberbullying Books

Hate Crimes In Cyberspace-  This great book covers how cyberbullying is truly a hate crime.  It covers the basic forms of bullying and the targets of racial, sexual and cultural bullying that are commonplace today.

Hate Crimes In Cyberspace: 6 Great Cyberbullying Books

Teen Cyberbullying Investigated: Where Do Your Rights End & Consequences Begin? – For those who are concerned about how to legally protect themselves from cyberbullies, this is a great comprehensive guide.

Teen Cyberbullying Investigated: 6 Great Cyberbullying Books

The Bullying Workbook For Teens: Activities To Help You Deal With Social Aggression And Cyberbullying – If you are an educator or parent this is a great tool to really get one on one with your teen.  Go through the activities and learn how to deal with emotions properly, as well as how to deal with being bullied.  This is a excellent resource that can be used at home with your kids, or in a classroom setting in school.

Bullying Workbook For Teens: 6 Great Cyberbullying Books

Cyberbullying is something that must not be overlooked.  The real truth is it has become increasingly difficult to deal with in our schools, communities and homes.  These cyberbullying books are excellent resources to help parents and educators teach their children how to cope with bullying, prevent bullying and recognize it happening amongst their peers.

Do you know of any great cyberbullying books for teens and parents that we missed? Tell us in the comments!

30 thoughts on “6 Great Cyberbullying Books for Teens & Parents”

  1. I live in Canada so, with homegrown stories like Amanda Todd, this type of literature could very well be necessary in our schools and homes. Bullying is sad, no matter what the circumstances, but cyber bullying is so widespread that it’s absolutely terrifying.

  2. It’s a shame that this is even a discussion, but I’m glad that there are resources out there. On some of articles, about various things, I see so much hate that sometimes I just have to click off. I can’t imagine dealing with that as a young person.

  3. These are great resources, especially as cyberbullying seems to be on the rise. It’s so scary thinking about kids going through it.

  4. These look like awesome books. A couple of them I am putting on my library list. My son has been bullied. He says people should stand up to them as it’s not right. It breaks my heart to see kids getting bullied. The sad thing is some of the parents just don’t care so it just doesn’t stop. Now a days there is so much more technology for kids to bully with.

  5. Thanks for sharing these books. It’s so sad that it’s this common. I think parents should do a better job with supervising what their children are into with social media and there wouldn’t be so much of a problem.

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