Amanda Todd Suicide: Another victim of bullying: #StopBullying, #RIPAmanda

Amanda Todd bullying

Amanda Todd, 15, of Port Coquitlam, B.C was bullied and cyber-bullied, She changed school several times but it didn’t work. She was a victim of this epidemic! The torment she suffered drove her to commit suicide a few days ago. But before doing so, she published a video where she shared her bullying story. In this video, she didn’t speak.  She just wrote it on cards and shared her horror story!  Here is her video! Please share it!

I feel so sad for her and her family! This is a tragedy! Unfortunately, Amanda Todd is not the only teenager who committed suicide because she was cyber-bullied or bullied! How can help them? How can we stop bullying? Can we stop this epidemic ?

Our Own Bullying Story

My son went through bullying and is still facing tough moments at school! When I watched Amanda’s video, I was struck. I was struck because I related to my son’s story! I was struck because many times, my son wanted to change school, many times he didn’t want to wake up and go to school. I don’t remember how many times he came back from school in tears because his classmates called him names!

I was afraid when I watched the video! I was afraid that my son could commit suicide too! Will that occur to him too? How can I help him?

Talk to your child about bullying

As soon as I heard the news about Amanda and watched this sad video, my husband and I talked with our son.  We tried to empower him. Here what came up from the discussion:

  • My son’s classmates called him names! The school didn’t punish the students because they don’t have proof!  Really?
  • My son was excluded from games! The school told him to choose another group to play with! But no one wanted to play with him!
  • My son was bullied by a different child each year!
  • There is a lot of peer pressure! When he wanted to play with another friend, they told him: we cannot play with you or we will be excluded too!

We discussed with the school several times but it seems that their action are too slow or not effective! As they mentioned: they cannot control what 500 students say or do! This is the answer we get as parents! So we needed actions! Here is what we did:

  • We asked our son to stand up for himself! Each day, we discussed strategies how to do so! For example, if someone called him names, we asked him to say the following ( loud ) so the teacher hears: Did I hear that you called me —-? Can you repeat? It worked because the student was afraid!
  • We asked his best friends to stand up for him! If my son was excluded from games, his best friends stood up and said that is unfair! The others backed off!

Did it work? Did bullying stop? While it didn’t stop completely, we noticed an improvement. I am always anxious when he comes back from school! I am anxious he faced a rough day! I am anxious he will have the same thoughts as Amanda! Rest in piece Amanda Todd! All our thoughts are with you and your family! I hope that teenagers stand up for their peers and stop bullying!! IT HAS TO STOP!!

12 thoughts on “Amanda Todd Suicide: Another victim of bullying: #StopBullying, #RIPAmanda”

  1. This is so sad. I wish more teens understood that these hard times are so short in the vast scheme of things. High school doesn’t matter! I know at he time it seems never-ending but if we can help them see it is such a short time and that life is bigger than the bully it will make a difference. Tragic. 🙁

  2. This is simply heart-breaking. It’s tough to go through sometime like this and find the support you need. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. My nephew was bullied several times because of his diabetes and we actually changed schools. It’s so sad to see bullying right before your eyes. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Bullying is such a sad and unneeded thing. I’m so sorry your son has had to go through it, but I’m glad you and his friends are able to be there for him. Thanks for sharing your story.

  5. I am a teacher and bullying is something we deal with every single day. As a mom, I’ll admit that I’m worried for my son and he has 4 years before he heads off to school. It’s definitely something we all need to be aware of and take action on!

  6. I am so sorry this has happened to your son – Bullying is wrong. End of Story.

    I was completely caught by her video – and the fact that watching it, I knew she was gone. It’s wrong, someone should take responsibility – and we need to figure out what to do to keep this from happening to others

    And for administrators to tout the zero tolerance policies and then do nothing at all – not good enough. Yes, there are some great schools/teachers/administrators out there. But so often it seems that action isn’t taken. Maybe we’re going about it wrong? Maybe proactive, not reactive is the key – I just thing we need to do more.

  7. I saw that video last week, to be honest, I was scared to watch it too. bullying is a parent’s worst nightmare, it’s a rare time in your child’s life where you dont have control and are so powerless. such a shame.

  8. I want to give you a big ((((hugz))). I would be exactly like you – living in fear. Watching for signs that aren’t even there…. I love your tips about handling the bullies at the end – about revoicing what is said! I think everyone knows a loved one that was bullied. This has got to stop!!!!!! I am retweeting this. Please don’t stop your fight against this awful situation that happens to the youth of today. For that matter no person should be bullied. I remember being in high school and that in itself is pretty tough. No one needs this extra peer pressure from tormentors. I wish your family all the best – you are a great mom BTW.

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