Do You Believe Every Bullying Story?


One of the biggest issues we see when the topic of bullying comes up, is that some things just don’t seem believable.  Do You Believe Every Bullying Story?  I would love to say that I do, but on occasion a bullying story comes along that I question.  This recent report from Santa Rosa, California is one that causes me to pause and question the validity of bullying that may or may not have happened.  When a parent is accused of bullying, but later investigators believe it could have been the child harming himself my eyebrows do raise.  Yet, I fear questioning a bullying story, being wrong and the effects of that on the person being bullied.


When you find yourself questioning if a bullying story is true, there are a few steps you can take to help ease your mind and put the facts into place.  While this is not foolproof, the results are typically accurate, and should give you peace of mind in regards to what bullying story you believe.

  • Check The Facts:  Verify information and evidence backing the bullying story.  Ask for witnesses, video, physical evidence or any other easy to verify proof.
  • Look For A Pattern: Have there been false stories from that person in the past?  If so, is the story similar or the pattern easy to recognize?  If the answer is yes to this question go back to check the facts for proof.
  • Is The Victim Enjoying The Attention? This may seem unfair, but many instances an individual may feel the need to make up a story to get attention.  While it is a rarity, it can happen and the underlying self esteem issues or need for attention also should be addressed and handled in a suitable manner.

It is a sad fact that not every bullying story out there can be believed.  As a victim of bullying myself, I find it difficult to handle when others choose to lie and make up stories to garner attention for themselves.  Yet, at the same time, I feel obligated to reach out and find out what is in fact causing their inner turmoil.  You can’t believe every bullying story you hear, but you can be available to listen to anyone.  Learning to support other human beings, no matter their faults and show them genuine care and concern will go a long way toward preventing future instances of bullying as well as build self esteem in those who are prone to seeking attention in the wrong ways.

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Have you ever heard a bullying story that wasn’t quite true? How did you react?

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