New Bullying App Helps Students Leave Anonymous Reports

New Bullying App Helps Students Leave Anonymous Reports | Stop Bullying at

A New Bullying App Helps Students Leave Anonymous Reports of in person and cyber bullying easily at the touch of a screen.  A teen in Indiana recently made local news with his development of this anti-bullying and prevention app. In a day and time when being bullied for telling others about events can cause even more fear in our students, this app is a breath of fresh air.  With the ability to log in and leave a completely anonymous report of witnessed bullying, students feel freedom they didn’t before.


Why is anonymity so important?  In an age where students are picked on for everything from the clothes they wear to the color of their hair, reporting something to an authority often only brings about more bullying.  The ability to share something with someone in authority without the fear of fingers being pointed toward them in blame gives a lot of peace of mind.  As in any social dynamic, if you are thought to be the “bad guy” in your peer group you can easily be alienated.  Even non bullies will have a tough time trusting someone who becomes a tattle.  This gives students of all ages the ease of reporting without many of the fears involved.

Can Bullying Apps really make a difference? It has been proven time and again that social media, peer pressure and the world wide web are often the highest forms of influence on our children.  With video games, apps and gaming systems becoming a norm in every home, a bullying app that is at their fingertips and easy to access is much likelier to influence than a simple talk with their parents.  Not only can these apps provide entertainment, but education in the process.  Along with that, this latest app delivers the ability to send reports directly to school or local authorities.

As we navigate the back to school season with our children, bullying is ever present in our mind.  Even if your child has not been a victim in the past, it is a fear that is warranted as you send them off to their first days this Fall.  With more and more programs, students and authorities speaking out against bullying, we as parents can feel much safer and more secure.  This bullying app that was created by a student is a perfect app to start this school year with in your kids lists of back to school apps to download.  Don’t let them go to school without knowing there is always a way for them to report when someone bullies them or another student they know.

What do you think of this new bullying app? Would you encourage your kids to use it?

9 thoughts on “New Bullying App Helps Students Leave Anonymous Reports”

  1. Was bad years ago, but so much worse now when kids can’t even get away from it when at home now. More help is certainly needed!

  2. Awesome app, anonymity is always good. This bullying really needs to stop, so whatever we can do to make a difference needs to be done!

  3. I think this app is a great idea!! I do believe it will be used as the student can remain anoymous. Thanks for the post.

  4. I hope that this app helps, bullying was a huge problem for me as a kid/teen -and honestly even now as a adult sometimes (from other adults). I hope that this helps kids.

  5. I like the idea of this app. So many kids are afraid to speak up and I think this would help more come forward, including those who witness it but don’t step in.

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