5 Parenting Tips for Dealing with Cyber Bullying


Cyber bullying is not the type of thing that we can ignore as parents. The last thing we want to see is our kids suffering and getting involved in a direct manner can sometimes make the situation even worse. How can you help your kids when they are being cyber-bullied? Here are five parenting tips that can help you out as you navigate this slippery slope.

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Parenting tips for dealing with cyber bullying

Educate your kids about the problem

The first step in dealing with cyber bullying is to educate your children. Telling your kids about the behavior and how to look out for warning signs is key. If they are aware of the problems it causes and what to look for, it is easier to avoid.

Make sure your kid has an open line with you

If you blow up and cuss out the kids that are cyber bullying your child, you can be sure that your child will never confide in you again. This causes the kid to be further picked on and even escalate the situation. Keep your temper and be reasonable. Allow your child to confide in you and support them.

Find support for Cyber Bullying… locally if possible

There are support groups all over the place and you can quickly put your kid in touch with others that are suffering similar problems. This is a great way to take some of the sting away. Meeting others that have a similar problem can help to minimize the difficulties.

 Reach out to friends and network
If you happen to know who is doing the bullying, sometimes reaching out to their family will do the trick. This is a slippery slope and demands that you be aware of the family. If they are not reasonable people, it is best to leave it alone. If they are, perhaps speaking with them can ease the problem. You have to be careful about this because some parents will never admit their child is wrong. It could backfire.

Keep documentation of all the messages

Never erase the message when your child is cyber bullied. If they continue, or feel threatening, you will benefit greatly from having the proof in printed form to show the police or school. Most importantly, explain to the kid that it is not their fault. Kids need to know that bullying is a real and painful thing on the Internet as well as the school yard and that you will always be there to help. Never let them feel alone.

We know that all the parenting tips in the world can’t take away the sting of finding out that your child is the victim of cyber bullying. Still, we hope that these help you better cope with it!

Do you have any parenting tips to help others deal with cyber bullying if it happens to their children?

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  1. Appreciate the tips – important to keep the proof! It’s a scary thought to think that your child might be exposed to it or might be the bully themselves.

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