Is Racist Bullying A Hate Crime?


Is Racist Bullying A Hate Crime? See our thoughts on the answer, as well as whether all bullying should be classified as a hate crime.

While we mention bullying regularly, we have not approached the question Is Racist Bullying A Hate Crime?  There is no other answer than to say yes, but there are many factors of racism and racist bullying to consider.  Racism is never okay, but it becomes even more difficult to accept when it is a form of bullying with our children.


Bullying about appearance.  We aren’t just talking about the color of skin in this.  Many children are bullied about appearance because of things like hair texture and body types.  While not everyone of color has curly hair or a fuller figure, many do.  Girls of color will often be the target of more bullying by other races when it comes to being picked on regarding their hair, shape of their nose, lips or figure.

Bullying about social class.  Unfortunately, minorities tend to be in situations where they are struggling to be above poverty level.  Being bullied for being poor is common amongst all societal groups, but can be even more prevalent in those of minority race.  The struggle to pay for things like education, transportation and basic living expenses can often lead to a child of color being bullied more than there Caucasian counterparts.

Bullying about stereotypes.  Unfortunately racism continues to build stereotypes in our society.  As a result, racist bullying has continued to become an issue.  Bullying is not just something that happens to those who are seen as not as pretty or smart.  Bullying happens because you or your family fits into a specific category that to some is unsavory.  In racist bullying it can happen because your race is one that is viewed as inferior and in a stereotype that is unsavory.

Bullying is a genuine issue in society today.  Our children have suffered this hate crime for far too long.  Racist bullying is far too common and yes it is a hate crime.  Bullying is a hate crime no matter what way you look at it.  Hate filled acts against another person simply because you don’t agree with their lifestyle, their race or their upbringing are always wrong.  They are always a crime.  Perhaps racist bullying as a hate crime isn’t always prosecutable, but it is indeed a crime against humanity.

Educate your children on the fact that being of a different race is not a bad thing.  We are all different and have wonderful things to give to the world.  The color of your skin, religion or country of origin have nothing to do with your value as a human being.

Do you think racist bullying is a hate crime? Should it be punished differently than other types of bullying?

23 thoughts on “Is Racist Bullying A Hate Crime?”

  1. Anything racist is hateful. There is no excuse for bullying, some people just don’t know how to, and don’t have the means to, stop once they’ve gone too far.

  2. Bullying that has a racist or racial motive behind it is a special type of problem and that is why the hate crime laws were created. They were created to recognize the fact that while some behavior is wrong, the level of wrong is kicked up a notch when it adds certain components such as race. Children recognize race when they are in kindergarten and learn their colors. To think otherwise is not correct. It is not noticing race that is a problem, it is treating others improperly, unfairly or unjustly because of race that is a problem.

  3. I would have to agree and say that if kids are involved it can be hard to say. Although bullying is not considered cool at all. I however would say yes if the kids are older and know better. It’s really a fine line.

  4. I grew up in a country, state and specifically in a city where I was part of a small minority of white people and racist bullying abounded – on both sides. To top it off, I’m also Jewish, so I was party of a teeny, tiny minority. I’ve been called horrible things growing up based on my religion and race. So my answer is yes, it’s a type of hate crime. Should it be punished differently? It would depend on the extent of the bullying. Words are one thing, physical attacks a whole other ballpark.

  5. I think all racist and bullying is wrong. All forms of bullying I think are HATE CRIMES! I think BULLYING and HATE work together! There is no racist or bullying in Kindness or Love!

  6. I’ve seen students bullied because their parents were poor. It’s heartbreaking to witness, and even more heartbreaking for those who have to experience it.

  7. Whether or not it’s technically a hate crime, bullying and racism are wrong. Period. No matter what it’s called, it’s time to appreciate all people for who they are – wonderful, individual creations of immeasurable value. Every. Single. Person. Period.

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