A Wish to End Bullying: Our #WishForOthers

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About a week ago, we told you about the Capital One #WishForOthers campaign and shared our first special wish for others: warm coats for all those in need. Need a refresher? Now through December 23rd, Capital One wants to hear your selfless wish for others. It can be for a family member, a friend, a neighbor or even an entire community. Just share your wish via your Twitter or Instagram, or on the Capital One Facebook page wall with the #WishForOthers hashtag for a chance to make it come true!

This week, we’re sharing another special wish. It may sound like a tall order, but at OurFamilyWorld, we’re passionate about putting an end to bullying. So naturally, our second wish for others is for everyone to work together to develop better strategies to prevent bullying.

It Takes a Community to End Bullying

When I was discussing my wish with OurFamilyWorld’s editor, Nicole, we were trying to wrap our heads around the logistics of such a wish. How can we take an idea and turn it into a tangible wish? Throughout the years, we’ve given you tips on preventing bullying. We’ve discussed the consequences of bullying on children’s psychological well-being. We’ve even had experts share their thoughts. While we’re very proud of the work we’ve done in promoting change, again, these are all ideas. Then it came to me: a bully-free community center.

Community centers aren’t a new idea. Many areas have them and they do great work. My idea, though, is to take it a step further and have these centers focus their efforts on ending bullying. How? By bringing together  bring together parents, teens, younger kids, school officials and community members and even experts to brainstorm new ways to promote tolerance and acceptance of others. The centers would be a bully-free zone with after-school programs for younger kids, safe (yet fun!) weekend parties for teens and even get-togethers for parents. I envision older kids helping younger kids with homework, affluent children working alongside those from less-fortunate neighborhoods in art programs, single moms trading babysitting duties to give each other a break- a community of acceptance and helping hands. A true COMMUNITY center. Through centers like these, I believe people from different backgrounds and walks of life will be able to come together in a neutral setting and better understand each other. Understanding leads to friendship, which in turn helps end bullying.

What is your #WishForOthers?

I hope I’ve inspired you to share your wish for others! Go ahead and share your #WishForOthers! Remember, you can share on Twitter, Instagram or the Capital One Facebook Page. You have until December 23rd to share your wish. Visit the Wish For Others to learn more.

We would love to hear about your Wish for Others! Tell us about it in the comments!

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29 thoughts on “A Wish to End Bullying: Our #WishForOthers”

  1. My wish is to help others that are struggling during the holiday season. Everyone deserves to have a warm meal and presents under the tree. I would love to be able to make that happen for everyone in the community.

  2. Love this wish campaign and your wish to end bullying movement. My kids made an anti-bullying video on their own one day and was blown away.

  3. This is one of my biggest parenting fears – either that my kids will bully or be bullied. It’s so important to me that they be peaceful, loving and helpful to those who need it, while still being aggressive enough to stand up for themselves. It’s a careful balance!

  4. What a great cause. My son has been bullied by other kids several times verbally and recently physically. I cannot believe how bad bullying has gotten in the last few years – I see in it all the time on the news. It is super sad.

  5. I think it does take a community to end bullying. I find that many people don’t even notice they are being bullies, especially when someone who does not “fit in” comes around. I have seen adults, even educators, exhibiting bully behavior.

  6. I am becoming more and more aware of bullying. My son, 4, is being bullied in preschool. Breaks my heart!! We all need to work towards ending Bullying for good.

  7. I was bullied horribly as a kid. It is so hard. This is a great campaign and a good cause to be working toward. Each of us can play a role in solving the problem bullying has become.

  8. What a beautiful wish. From a very young age, we’ve taught our children not to bully AND to stand up for others you see being bullied. It’s a tough thing to do, but is so critical.

  9. It has always been my #WishforOthers to establish a community center in my area so that kids my have a kind environment to go to after school. I truly believe these centers will provide a way to bring the community together.

  10. Not only is bullying a terrible thing, it’s also getting more and more vicious. It’s not just picking on kids at the playground anymore. It’s smearing their names all over the internet.

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