Bullying videos – Are they causing more harm than good online?

Bullying videos - Are they causing more harm than good online?

When you go online and visit a site like youtube.com, you can quickly and easily pull up the term bullying videos and get plenty of returns. There in front of you are plenty of examples of this horrible aspect of school that our kids face each and every day. The problem is truly one that has to be addressed and dealt with harshly. If not, the problem will continue to escalate and follow our children throughout their years.

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Are Bullying Videos Doing More Harm Than Good?

  • Bullying videos are videos that depict people at various locations picking on or otherwise harming other kids. These videos range from simple pranks to vicious beatings. Many people post these videos and get tons of views and feedback on them. If you go in and read the feedback on them, it is rather alarming. Often, the commenters are the same kids that are participating in such activities. In some cases, bullying videos might be criminal. You have to truly draw the line somewhere and these videos have gotten way out of hand.
  • Some folks believe that online bullying videos are a good thing. That they bring awareness and notoriety to the problem. I believe that this is ridiculous. Putting our kids embarrassment on the Internet for the world to see is going to do nothing to help anyone. It might actually make things worse.
  • When people view online bullying videos, they are not watching it most of the time to fix it. They are watching it because of the same reasons we can’t look away at a car wreck. It is sad, but the numbers and views for bullying videos rival those of famous songs. Why would so many people need to watch such things?
  • Rather than posting videos showing our children being bullied, perhaps these video sites should make them against their terms of service. Seeing children get hurt is not something that should be allowed and that goes equally for the fight videos and things of that nature. Nobody is gaining anything from these videos but plenty of people are getting hurt.
  • Has anyone considered that youngsters might view these bullying videos and get ideas from them? If a bully truly ran out of ideas to give your kid a hard time, they need only sign online and gather ideas. They are plentiful to be sure.

When you put this type of information out there, you have a responsibility to those that view it. If it is causing harm, then perhaps you should consider removing it from your site. This is horrid behavior by our youngsters and putting on a stage to show the world is doing absolutely nothing to fix the problem. Keep in mind that we’re not talking about anti-bullying videos here. That’s a whole different ballgame. We’re talking about vile displays of kid bullying other kids.

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What do you think? Do these bullying videos depicted kids being bullied help in any way?

5 thoughts on “Bullying videos – Are they causing more harm than good online?”

  1. I definitely agree that you are responsible for what you put out these. With that said if the video in the end had a positive message I can see them being a good thing. Those pure violence video do nothing but bad.

  2. I’d like to think that it helps raise awareness. But it also make the one bullying feel like a superstar themselves. They take pride in it, which is very disturbing.

  3. I think that many videos are helpful. On the other hand, some become a bit too stressful to watch and I wonder how helpful those ones are.

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