10 ways to cut your grocery bills

Cut Your Grocery Bills

Groceries are one of the biggest expense each month for many families, but there are many ways to save without sacrificing all your favorite foods. Following these tips will help you cut your grocery bills so you can save a little for your future and maybe even save up for a great family trip.

Easy tips to cut your grocery bills

Plan out a weekly menu
This is the best way to be sure that you have enough to serve dinner to your family for the week. It is also the best way to ensure that your grocery list is complete so your don’t overspend. Getting rid of impulse shopping is one of the best ways to cut your grocery bills.  You can find weekly menus in the section What to Cook Today.

Always go with a list
Keep a list on your fridge, and write things down immediately to make sure that your list is complete. Try to stick to that list.

Have a budget
You have to know how much you can spend otherwise you’ll certainly spend too much. Your budget has to be realistic. Make a budget according to your previous trips, but then look for areas that you can trim back on to cut your grocery bills. A box of expensive, name-brand cereal here and fewer snacks there can go a long way towards saving you money.

Don’t go when you’re hungry

Eat a good meal first and you’ll be more likely to stick to your list.

Cook Slow
Simmer bigger cuts from the chuck or round in a slow cooker to make less tender meats fall right off the bone. Cut up a bunch of ingredients, throw them in the pot in the morning, and have dinner ready for you when you get home.

Buy bulk
Purchase ground beef in bulk and freeze it in family size portions to use in meatballs, casseroles, etc. But be sure that you’re going to use all of it before it gets bad — it isn’t cheaper to buy in bulk if you don’t use it. Sale items can be a great deal and a good way to buy in bulk. If it’s an item you usually use, buy a bunch of it. Non perishable food – such as tuna cans, tomato paste- is worth to buy on sale.

Skip meat
Meat is expensive. Skip it once in a while. Replace it by a can of tuna, fish or eggs. You could just use a little meat as a kind of seasoning instead of the main ingredient.

Shop only once a week or less
You are missing an ingredient for your dinner, your lunch so you stop by the grocery store to buy it. Watch out, frequent visits to the grocery store are a waste of gas, and it is almost certain that you will end up buying more than that one item needed.

Buy frozen veggies

While fresh veggies are a little better, frozen veggies are almost as good, and much better than nothing. And since you can keep them in the freezer, they rarely go bad.