Toddler’s Clothing Tips

Dressing a toddler should be a pleasant thing but it could be time consuming, exhausting and expensive because toddler clothing sizes can be tricky. They typically go by the child’s age and can be recognized for the “T” that follows the number. However, just because your child is 3 years old, doesn’t mean he is going to fit in a 3T dress. An average child will begin to fit into toddler’s clothing anytime between 18 to 24 months.Here are some tips that could help you save time and money:
• Know your child’s dimensions
Such as the height and weight before making any purchases; write down the dimensions. You can even measure clothes with a measuring tape.

• Children get bigger
So purchase clothing with that thought in mind. Try to buy clothes that are not tight or that can get larger when your child gets bigger such as adjustable jeans.

• Look for durable and easy-care fabrics
The best options will be machine washable and not require ironing. It will save you time.

• Avoid expensive pieces of clothing
Toddlers will be all over the place and their clothes are bound to get ruined and dirty very quickly. You could buy 1 or 2 expensive outfits to be worn for a special occasions: birthday party, etc.

• Choose easy dressing clothes
Toddlers should begin to dress themselves. Clothing with easy-to-use zippers, snaps and large buttons will be less frustrating for toddlers than intricate or small fastenings and closures.

Identify your child’s clothes
If your child is attending preschool or daycare, you may want to sew labels on his/her clothing with their names, scarves and mittens a little easier. Some labels can be ironed on the clothes.