9 Money Hacks that Knock Years off a Home Mortgage Loan

Everyone likes saving money, right? Follow these money hacks and knock years off that home mortgage loan!

If there’s one thing we all need more of in our lives, it’s money hacks! Right? Who couldn’t use a little extra cash in their lives! Today we’re sharing money hacks to help you pay off your home quicker. After all, for most of us, it’s our biggest monthly expense. When you’re looking for ways to pay off that mortgage quicker, you really have to look at the big picture. Knocking one year off your loan today when you still have 28 to go may not sound like a lot, but 27 years from now, you’ll be happy you did it! Check out our favorite money hacks to pay your home off quicker.

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Money Hacks to Pay Your Home Off Quicker

Divide and Conquer

What is the definition of divide and conquer? It means that you should pay a little extra each month. Every dollar you add to your payment makes a bigger dent in your balance but adding one extra payment each year knocks four years and nearly $17,000 off your mortgage.

Throw in an Extra Andrew Jackson

Put Andrew Jackson to work by adding $20 to your mortgage payment each month. You’ll pay off your mortgage in a year and a half early, saving over $6,200.

Annual Windfalls

A lot of people receive sales bonuses, cash gifts, or tax refunds each year. If you can put them towards your mortgage, you can shave many years off your loan. Even if you put half towards the loan, it’s still something.

Sign Up for Bi – Weekly Payments

It allows you to make a half – payment every two weeks instead of a full payment once each month. This helps you knock off several years of your loan.

Shorten Loan Time Frame

If you have a 30 – year loan consider doing a 15 – year instead. The payments will be higher, but your overall loan will be cheaper because you’ll pay less in interest.

Increase Number of Payments

What this means is that you will be making an extra payment every year, if you can afford it. It helps you save more money the following year.

Australian Method

Interest is calculated daily instead of monthly and because this money spends a lot of time in the account before you take it out, you save on interest expense. Many have said you need special software to do this but that is not true. The biggest problem with this method is discipline because people tend to not understand money management and spend their money on things less important.

Cut ONE habit and divert funds to your loan

We all have certain routines or habits that cost us money. A $4 latte twice a week, memberships we never use, and so on. For me, it’s those $.99 deals on books. I buy them because they’re on sale, yet meanwhile I have…wait for it…2,300 books sitting unread on my Kindle. The majority of them were freebies. Rather than grabbing deals on books that I’ll never read, I’ve decided I’m going to read what I have. Remember, even if you can add an extra $20 to your payment, you can knock time off your loan. Find a cheaper- or free- way of satisfying your coffee or book cravings, then divert those funds to your loan.

Your Next Move

Pay with cash or stick with a 15 – year fixed rate mortgage. Keep your monthly payment to no more than 25% of your paycheck.

Even if you follow just a few of these money hacks, you could save yourself a lot of money on your home loan in the long run! Think of what you could do with all that extra cash. Once your home is paid off, keep putting the money you spent on the mortgage away for your retirement to get even more bang for your buck.

Do you have any other favorite money hacks to save on your home loan? Tell us in the comments!

23 thoughts on “9 Money Hacks that Knock Years off a Home Mortgage Loan”

  1. we bought a house 5 years ago with a 30 year mortgage. i put it at biweekly payments and right away it would have been paid off in 25 years. i also upped the payments by a total of 100 a payment, we are now coming up to renewal and that 30 year mortgage will be at 12 years and 10 months. we are changing it up a bit to pay off other debts first and to put kids through post secondary school but will be puting it back when those are one. than when it is paid off the money that was going to the mortgage will be used for retirement.

  2. I think paying off large loans (like mortgage) should be given priority. The longer the paying period, the more interest you have to pay. Thank you for all these tips. They are really good advice.

  3. This sounds awesome! I’ve always wanted to do this and I really do think that should be our goal. I think I will discuss with my husband ways to make extra payments. I think it’s totally worth it in the end.

  4. I don’t like the idea of mortgages and loans so I make sure I do my best to pay them off as fast as I could. These are all so helpful! It’s nice to be able to pay for your house sooner than later.

  5. Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

    My sister and brother in law just bought their first home. They close on Friday actually. They will appreciate these tips.

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